Deer hunting in Northern Miami CO

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by TomC, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. I went out today to my ladder stand in Northern Miami Co. I got in the stand about 6:45am. At 8:00 am I heard some noise behind me, I slowly turned around and saw two does and a fawn. About a week earlier I put a 40 lb bag of corn and some deer caine right where they were standing. The deer were looking for more of it. They stayed in the area until they got tired of looking. At about 8:45-9:00am a thick 8pt came in about 40 yrs from the stand. It crossed a creek and v-lined it for the area where the does were and then followed the path the does took.

    I thought it was a little early for the rut? Has any one else been seeing anything like this?
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    The young bucks are still trying to figure out what that funny tingling is all about. Still got a couple weeks til rut. Oct 31st is when the Chase phase will peak.

  3. I have noticed an increase in activity from the younger bucks. It is just time to wait it out for the big boys. Shouldn't be too much longer now.