Deer Creek

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  1. I'm thinking about going to Deer Creek for the muzzleloader season. Does anyone have any info about the place? I've heard it's a very big and has a pretty good population of deer, but have never been there.


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    I've never hunted deer there but I have seen a lot of them while hunting other things and fishing there.

    I have seen many big bucks there-including the biggest antlers that I have ever seen on a living buck. He ran from private property and across the golf course to a woods. This was in January and he was with another nice buck-probably a P&Y-but he dwarfed that one. Most of the big bucks I have seen there were in no-hunting zones, though.

    I also saw the biggest bodied whitetail that I have ever seen there. He was huge-very fat. He didn't even seem to be built like a deer. He must have been ancient. His antlers were thick, but very small.

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    I drive rt 207 everyday and night to and from work...This goes right thru deer creek wildlife area....I have seen lots of deer, and a few nice ones...Deer creek did not get much hunting pressure from what I saw for the week of gun season...But you will find the biggest bucks in the no-hunting areas.
  4. I have seen alot of deer there as well also while hunting other game, most of the deer that I have seen have been doe, most of the ones I have seen have been pretty close to the creek itself(not the main lake) recently I have seen them around old 207.
  5. Awesome info guys!! Thanks much