Deer Creek?????

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  1. Why does everyone like that place?

    Turkeybasst & I went there on Saturday. We got there around 6:30-7:00 a.m. and stopped at a bait shop for minnies. They advertised 3 doz. for a buck. We got 9 dozen. Then on the boat we counted them. turned out to be 5 doz that we were given. That's the 3rd time that happened to us. What are you supposed to do? Stand there and count them after they give them to you for crying out loud?

    Anyway, the lake looked beautiful. It was a tiny bit windy but managable on the West side. On the East side it was tough. So we decided to go "up the river".

    ABOUT 2 MILES OF "NO WAKE" RIVER. I can understand it though the "river" is only about 100 ft wide with forage on both sides and bank fishing going on every 30 yards.

    Well that was an experience. Most of the time we were in about 2 to 4 ft of water. That's o.k. but there were no darn fish up there. I mean, yeah we caught 1 Eye 18" long and 6 Crappie about 8" long. Not bad huh?
    WRONG!!!! That was in 8 straight hours of fishing. We used Minnies, Roadrunners, bottom, top, casting, drifting, we did it all.

    Roadrunners still outfished Minnies though. The Eye hit the larger Roadrunner with a 2" curlytail on it.

    Anyway, we said the heck with it and came back to the ramp, another hour of no wake.

    What we saw when we got to the ramp freaked us out. We saw a BUNCH of "people" trying to put their Ski-Doo's in and out. I mean there are 4 ramps there and they had 3 of them blocked trying to get them off the trailers and on the trailers. PLUS!!!! the ones that are waiting for their friends/partners to walk back from the parking lot after they use the potty and stop to tallk to someone at the top of the ramp.

    Turkeybasst was driving my boat and nosed me up to the dock so I could jump off and get the truck. It was amazing, one guy that launched his ski boat is sitting there sideways blocking the ramp with his kid holding a rope standing on the dock waiting for his wife to park the darn truck. I said to him, " you're supposed to pull out and let someone launch or load while you wait for your party to get back, then you nose in and pick them up. He just looked at me. I didn't want to start anything because I had Wayne waiting out on the water in line. So I just walked away and got the truck and got in line. After sitting in line for about 15 minutes, I got to say I did lose my patience with these morons.

    YES the Jet Ski idiots still are screwing around at the 3 RAMPS. I pulled out and went around the idiots and backed down a ramp. LOAD THE BOAT WAYNE.

    BAM he puts it up on the trailer and out of there in 2 1/2 minutes.

    I will NEVER fish that stupid lake again. Now I don't know about down below the dam. Maybe I will try it down there. It sure is done over real pretty.

    Just venting. I crossed that place off my Ohio State map.

    See Ya.
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    If you're going to drive over an hour from Cbus you might as well go to Erie IMO.

  3. I went there and took my boat out on Memorial day weekend two years ago. I waited to get out for two hours at the ramps. Even a sherriff in a boat was 'trying' to direct boat traffic but reallywasn't doing anything. The worst was the jet ski's. Tons of them there. They started just pulling their ski-doos on shore then running ot their trucks and waiting in line. Then they would back their trucks up, walk down the shoreline, get on the jet ski, run it to the ramp, load it etc. No real progress was ever being made. It can be really crazy there.
  4. Hey trucked, let me know if you ever want to do some wade fishing at Deer Creek. There is great fishing in the creek and at the spillway but as you found out it gets nuts with ski boats and wave runners. I have got a few really nice smallies this year in the creek above the lake.
  5. Hey bro, erie is ANOTHER hour and a quarter. I won't put my boat up there just to fish the channels. I got 10 lakes around here big boy that I can fish and be home in a short time without driving 2 hours after fishing all day.:p

    Twister, I went up the river for about 2 miles until I ran out of water man. Then we turned around and went back down and left.

    I will never go back there again with a boat. I WILL fish the spillway though sometime.:D
  6. You cant get a boat up to the good places in the creek, thats why they are good!:D You could take a small jon boat or canoe but nothing big. There are a few access points up towards Mt Sterling that are great and not very many people fish up the creek that far. Let me know if you want to give it a try sometime. I'm only a few minutes from there.
  7. Thanks Twister, but I don't do any wading at all. I can't find any reasonably priced waders since I wear between a 16 & 17 boot.

    So, I just fish from my boat. Thanks anyway my friend.
  8. not to add fuel to the fire but someone needs to do somthing about jet ski's, make them a remp and an area just for them so theres not any problems. i dont know why but it seems like every time i see one they are being jerks or maybe just off in there own world, they are also dangerous around fisherman, a few years ago a guy i know's son was on a little cartop and some guy in a jetski wasnt paying attention and hit his boat breaking his ribs and arm. i know they have as much a right as we do on lakes, and they are a good time, but there needs to be some sort of separation between fisherman and wake jumpers
  9. We as fishermen/women PAY MORE by far. We pay MORE to register the boat & trailer. We BUY A FISHING LICENSE, they don't. How much money does ALL the fishermen in OHIO pay to the STATE for the right to fish PEACEFULLY. without being antagonized?