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Deer Creek

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by twistertail, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Fished with my dad last night at Deer Creek and we got about 25 crappie and a few white bass. The crappie were all nice ones, most around 10" or so and the w/b were about the same size. Fished up by the rifle range and the water was in really good shape. I caught all mine on a little white crankbait, a bitsy minnow. We were using a jig and twistertail and not catching many at all and I put on the crankbait and caught 4 in a row so my dad put one on and we caught a crappie almost every cast. I think the rattles made the difference.
  2. I should have headed out to deer creek, I figured it was still way up though

  3. Get over there today if you can Dave, it should be a great day. I would be going back but cant make it tonight. Hopefully we wont get too much rain tomorrow and it will stay good for another few weeks. Did you go to Hargus last night?
  4. not so good wednesday, I managed one in all that wind. We rented a boat today and only managed 3 between us, no size though. The rain/cold really turned them off