Deer Creek water up?

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  1. Heading up to Deer Creek Sat. and Sun. Any reports on the water level would be great.

  2. well, sorry late report but better late than never huh! went to deercreek monday am 6/30 from 630a-12-30p, me and a buddy caught 9 bass with about 7 being keepers we figured we would have had about a 10lb five fish limit, so it was a pretty good morning, we had a 3lber, and 2 2lbers and the rest were 1's! the water looked realy good, a little staind in the north, very good on the south and it was about 2ft high.

  3. so i found the nbaa site, but i was trying to find tourny results for deercreek open on sat 06/28/08 for the kelley anderson open? does anyone know the results or the link to see the results???
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    On my way out the door to Deer Creek right now!

    Danshady here are the results to the Kelly Anderson tourney:

    1st Place: Paul & Staebler 5 fish @ 7.26 lbs. (good for $500.00)
    2nd Place: McNanie & Mularcik 5 fish @ 7.25 lbs. (good for $275.00)
    3rd Place: Stansifer & Ward 5 fish @ 6.72 lbs. (good for $170.00)
    4th Place: Wetzel & Sedwick 5 fish @ 6.02 lbs (good for $100.00 G.C. from Dick’s Sporting Goods)

    Big Bass Award: Mr. Maeger @ 3.53 lbs. (good for $280.00)