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Deer Creek VS Salt Fork

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BANDIT, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. Looking for somewhere close to home to take the family and do some camping and fishing. Would prefer Bass fishing but will fish for anything. Which is the best and why? Thanks for any help you can give me... :)
  2. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    I can't say anything about deer creek, but my family has been camping at salt fork and it is a nice state park and has prettier surroundings than deer creek does in my opinion if you were to take some hikes or want to see some deer also. Can't comment on the bass fishing personally but have heard better things about salt fork.

  3. I'll agree with bassnpro. never been to deer creek but have camped at saltfork many times. They maintain a clean park with good shower house's and restrooms. small playground for the young ones. they have a launch ramp for the campground and the bass fishing is good. I like campsites G or f .
  4. for the replies. Much appreciated... :D :D
  5. I grew up along Deer Creek, although fishing can be good, it is just not very consistent. I have never fished Salt Fork, but have been to the park. The surroundings are a bit more scenic. From what I have heard, the fishing can be pretty good. Have you posed this question on the southeast Ohio forum?

    Even though I have never fished it, I would choose Salt Fork, Deer Creek is just too small a lake with very few places on the main lake to get away from the crazies.
  6. TheSportsGuyDM

    TheSportsGuyDM Dallas Moyer

    I was at Salt Fork at the end of June and had some success. My brother and I caught 5 bass 14 inches and bigger, some nice catfish, a lot of crappie and even more white bass. On the last day, we left with 40-50 white bass all over 1 or so pounds, with some ranging 2-2.5 pounds. Trolling or drifting near the damn proved to be successful and the coves provided good fishing also.
  7. Beatsworking is correct. I've been to Deer Creek on many occassions. You'll find the fishing better all around at Salt Fork and the facilities are also much nicer. Enjoy your time!
  8. I would go with Salt Fork as well...I have fished Deer Creek many times and it is either feast or famon there it seems...I have been to the Cabins at Deer but it has been many years ago and they were nothing to brag about...I have been to Salt Fork a few times here recently and the cabins are much better, the scenery is better, I havent fished it as we all go the last week of November when the temps are cold...but if looks count for anything Salt Fork appears to be a winner.
  9. I would go with Salt Fork also. THere are some shallow/deeper areas along S.R. 22 heading into the park. There is plenty of riprap along the bank at the bridges and several trees and stumps in the shallow areas. I have caught two 5 pound bass in these areas and some smaller bass. If you put in at the Main marina past the Rangers station to the left and then head left towards S.R. 22 from the marina you can go underneath 22 through a culvert and fish a small attached body of water off the lake. I have caught some bass here. Good luck!
  10. Going to meet my brother at Deer Creek Monday, stay monday and tuesday night then move on to Salt Fork and stay there 4 nights. Any reports on either lake would be great. Fishing in Midwest on the Ohio on Sunday so will be able to get reports up thru Monday morning. Driving a bright yellow Ranger pulling a red Bumble Bee (pics are in my album).. If you see me, stop and say HI!..... :)