Deer Creek spillway

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  1. Does anyone know if Deer creek is fishable right now? Thanks....
  2. probably not..... I might be down that way Fri. i will check it out.

  3. Went out this morning from 8 till noon, one very small dink released, horn sounded, water levels went up and no more fish, 10 guys, only saw one other small fish. I tend to have better luck when the water is more stable, had to throw 1/4's to stay on bottom. Hope this helps....good luck.
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    we went out last night from 10:30pm until 3:30am and only had 5 or so fish on, most were snagged, with all being small fish..
  5. anyone fish the spillway this weekend?
  6. Me and the wife cruz deercreek all the time, there is always people fishing there. I know your post is a few days old but last week we seen tons of people there fishing even though they were really letting the water out fast. We parked and watched them fish a bit and we seen a few people catch stuff but were to far away to see what they got but they were catching them.
  7. went to Deercreek this morning, got wet but did catch a couple of small sauger, and about a 2lb cat. The water is up, but I have fished there when it has been alot higher, GO FISH!
  8. Thanks for the post (gumby)! Ill be out in the morning if ya wana get wet again?Should be a couple good days with the moon coming!!!
  9. Sort of OT but are the areas of Deer Creek off 207 and old 207 flooding because of all the snow melt and rain??? I know it seems as though a strange question to ask since they draw it down in the fall, but the way the news is sounding its flooding all over. Thanks
  10. Flooded bad every where!It is way over the old 207
  11. Thanks for the info..I kinda thought that might be the case.