Deer Creek Spillway

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by bstew, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Has anybody been or heard about anything being caught in the spillway? I was hoping that the saugeye would start hitting soon. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. I was there last week and didn't catch anything, or see anything get caught. The word at the bait shop is that things have been slow as of late. Hopefully the saugeye get going soon!

  3. I have been over twice in the last few weeks and only one hit and no fish! Should be picking up now with the colder weather.
  4. I braved the wind last night and hit the spillway for a few hours in the evening with a friend. We didn't catch any saugeye, but we did catch a few white bass, a smallie, and a crappie. One of the white bass was really nice, it measured in at 16" for my second Fish Ohio fish of the year.
  5. I am thinking about going Saturday around 6 pm
  6. nice white bass, sounds like things are starting to pick up. haven't had any luck over the last month, so hearing that someone is catching something is a plus. Good luck guys, keep us posted.
  7. Is that bait shop still open, I need to pick some things up befor I head out Sat, and dose anybody know what time they close. thanx

  8. Mary's Bait Shop is still open. It's the one on st. St. 207 in Pancoastburg. They are open until 9:00pm Mon-Sat. Frosty's is the one up from the dam, I think they are open until at least 8:00pm.
  9. That is pretty much the only place I fish. I was going every weekend for awhile, but have been really busy with work. I have never not caught a fish when I am there. I have caught, saugeye, buffalo, drum, channel cats, flathead cats, crappie, white bass, a paddlefish, and bluegill. There is a large supply of shad in there. Once the temperature starts to get really cold the saugeye bite will really pick up.