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deer creek spillway

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by cobras, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. is the water level fishable below the dam?

  2. flathunter, thank you very much for your reply! Going today from 3 til 7 will post results.10-30-04
  3. So how did you do at Deer Creek? I might give it a try this week
  4. i did not go 10-30, instead i went to griggs and got 2 14's for 3 and half hours work. i did however go on 10-31 and did not even scrape the back of a carp for 3 hours work. water flow was perfect for working the rogue.
  5. At least you got a few at Griggs. You fish much at Deer Creek? I usually go a few times a week during the winter, maybe we'll hook up sometime. I'm going to go one night next week.
  6. i usually beat the heck out of alum and hoover's banks up until freeze then hit the spillways. do you normally do well at deer early november? alum and hoover do not usually start for the night bank thing till mid to late november.
  7. I have done good at Deer Creek spillway from Sept all the way until spring. I have also done really good along the rocks on the lake side of the dam. The white bass school up along there. I have even caught smallies and largemouth at the spillway in Jan and Feb.