deer creek spillway?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by jason78, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Justn wondering if anyone been fishing the spillway and if they are biting. Went to Paint creek today for about 4 hours got :S 10-12 people fishing never seen anyone land one
  2. I was wondering the same thing, usually the Saugeye's start to turn on right about now. I fished the GMR today for some cats with some guys from SOCC and we only landed a couple.

  3. I only caught two eyes Friday after six hours, but I did catch a 35lb shovel head cat on a hot pink twister tail jig. I also caught a dink cat and one that weighed about a pound or two.
  4. Does anybody out there know how old a 35lb cat would be?
  5. Clayton

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    Around here, probably 15 - 20 years old, if not more.

    I'm super envious, that's bigger than my best and I'm a catfisherman. Aren't their mouths great for setting a small hook in to? Nice and fleshy and almost un-throwable lol.
  6. I fished for just a few hours after work today. I did manage to catch one 17" saugeye. I also saw a few others caught. I also snagged a few of shad and there a ton of dead ones on the shore line. The water level is decent. good luck,

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    Went to the spillway today. Was encouraged by posts of fish catching this time of year. Had my son drive to get his learner's permit time in. Fished about 45 minutes around 1:30. Did not see any fish caught other than the gar I caught. I have seen many gar in creeks during their spawn but have never been able to hook one. My dad caught a nice one once when we were bass fishing at Hoover dam. Anyway, my first gar. (would have rather had my first saugeye of the season).

    Trying to load image but am new to this. Sorry if not there.

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  8. Nothing wrong with that. You acmoplished the 2 main objectives for a sucsessfull day 1. You got to go fishing 2. You caught something. Sure beats a good day at work amigo.

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    Just got back, was there from 5-7pm caught 4. First was a brute @ 21" 10min after I got there then here and there of little ones, all came on a white twister tail. I've got to eat the big one then I'll post a pic. After closer inspection of the gut she was full of eggs. [​IMG] By the way fish this big do not fit in buckets. I threw it in the bucket and went back to fishing, after a few flops the bucket falls over and the fish tried the flop to freedom and I almost thought I lost it, felt like a total idiot. great day:)
  10. Very nice eye, its nice when ya finally get one that wont fit in the bucket!