Deer Creek Spillway

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  1. Has anyone been to the spillway lately? I was wondering if they bite had started down there at all? I know the fishing there has been slow this year. Thanks for any info.


    Do not know but I'm going this weekend!!!!

  3. I stopped at the spillway this evening while on a ride out that way. There was a guy fishing with a jig/minnow combo, he said that he had a couple on but lost them both. I talked to him for a half hour or so and nothing was caught in that period. He said he had taken some nice Saugeye there in the past few weeks a few that were in the 5 lb range
  4. Thanks for the info. I may see if I can get a hallpass to go down Saturday morning myself.
  5. I was down there for about 2 hours yesterday morning. there were about 8 guys fishing and I only saw one dink caught the whole time. The water was pretty clear for deercreek. And you can tell it has not been high in a very long time since small plants are starting to take root on the banks in the rocks. we need some flooding rains to open up the gates some more and get some fish to move up there.
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    Been a tough bite to crack as of late, cought 3 dinks Wednesday night and I have not seen any good Fish in some time. Think we need the rain to get things going.
  7. Hopefully the rain today will get things turning. I know I was there back in October and the water was really pumping and up pretty high, as they were drawing the lake down to winter pool. Hopefully some new fish will move in, and the little ones will start eating and grow to keeper size.
  8. I was there Friday night and only caught one small one. There were only 2 other guys there and I saw one guy catch one and that was it. Water was very low, had to use a single 1/32oz jig. The weather was great though.