Deer Creek spillway, Sunday March 2

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  1. Got down to the spillway at about 8 in the morning. The fishing was slow where we started on the north side. On the plus side it gave ringside view of the anglers on the other side up on the wall knocking the fish in the head. I saw them take some nice saugeyes along with a few whitebass. They were doing good until the water was released. We moved downstream and I managed to catch one about 20in. It was slow going after the release.
  2. Gobi Muncher

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    I was also there from around 8-noon. First time ever there when they released the water. I was really hoping that the water change would start a bite, but that wasn't the case. Anyway, like you said, the guys on the wall seemed to be getting them fairly consistent.

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    Seethe303, my twin brother, and I went in the evening from 4-6. My first time at Deer Creek. Very nice place. I saw one saugeye caught the whole time (14"-16"). I snagged a small buffalo which was promptly released. It was nice to get out though.
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    I was also there Sunday and was on the wall,the fishing was okay but for the most part the fish where small.When they started to release the water the only way to keep the jigs down was to increase to a 1/2oz to 5/8oz jig.
    Hopefully with the warmer temps and rain the fishing will pick back up.