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Deer Creek, Salt Fork, Seneca Lake TRIP

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BANDIT, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. We left last Monday (8-9-4) morning for Deer Creek. After getting camp set up finally hit the lake. Started catching some nice crappie 11"+ on a BANDIT, when I hooked in to this nice cat on the same bait. Experts correct me if I'm wrong, Is this a blue? :confused:


    Weighed in at 8lbs. Put up one heck of a fight probably took 3-4 minutes to land as I didn't want to lose my BANDIT (only one of that color I have and they don"t make it anymore :mad: ). Nothing else to speak about at Deer Creek, some more nice crappie and some small cats. Broke camp on Wednesday and headed for Salt Fork. Rained Wed and Thurs nights as well as getting raided by skunks both nights. Caught some more crappie not as big as Deer Creek and a few small bass. Was disappointed but will definitely be back as liked what I saw. (continued in post 2).
  2. Saturday morning broke camp and called around looking for somewhere to stay (since we enjoyed ourselves so much :) ) as we did not have plans to stay anywhere that night and decided to go to Seneca. Sat. night was slow with only 1 bass on a buzzbait about 11". Sun. morning woke to a dense fog cover so not knowing the lake just started fishing the shore from the campground towards the marina with little success. As the fog started to lift saw some boats sitting on the right side of the big island so went out there to see what was going on and this is what we saw :eek:


    When you first looked you could see what looked like a mud vein running thru the water but in actuallity it was a bug hatch and there was white bass and cat fish everywhere. Started throwing a buzzbait across the boils and the fun began. We caught over 100 whites in about an hour to hour and half, several times we would have a double or triple on as when I saw what we had I went back to camp to get my wife so she could enjoy it also. (I'm so nice :D ). The one boat we talked to, said he found it about 7 and he finally left about 11. The bite was slowing down then as the pleasure boaters were starting to hit the water and mix it up but did we ever have fun. This is what we cleaned.

    I went out the next morning by myself and finally caught me a nice bass :) [​IMG]
    You can't tell by the pic but about 16-1/2", he was released. All in all a great time by all just to get away for a while and then to hit the white bass like that was just a great bonus.

  3. Nice fish looks like you all had a Great time.daryl
  4. Sounds like a great time (and a lot of work :D ). That there would be a channel cat, and a nice one at that.
  5. Great time for sure I liked Salt Fork when Turkeybasst and I went there. Check out my web site below. I think I posted the 4lb'er I got.
  6. Nice looking catfish and those w/b had to been a blast! Looks like some good size to those w/b also. The crappie at Deer Creek have been awsome the last few years since they put a 9" size limit on them. I was over there this past Monday the 16th with polesnatcher and he got one that was 14" or a little bigger.
  7. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    Nice fish, that is a channel cat.
  8. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    When I saw that picture in part 2 and you said you went to Senecaville my heart started pounding. I thought you found a school of stripers feeding on the surface in the early morning.
    Nothing beats that feeling, right Husky?

    Sounds like you had a great week. Sure beats working.
  9. Nice fish! I see you had the same problem with skunks at Salt Fork. When there are fewer campers around during the week the skunks are everywhere. During the weekends when the crowd comes in they seem to make themselves scarse.
  10. Lewzer, a boy in one of the other boats did get a 20" out of this, only one I know for sure that was caught, however I couldn't tell the difference if I had to so it's possible there might be some small ones in ours :confused: . Yes it was much better than working, haven't been this relaxed in quite a while :) . Jpackr, yep we got em all right, my daughter was petrified when it came up and sniffed her toes :eek: , there was one out at the playground at 5 in the afternoon, they're definitely not scared of much. I told my brother that cat was a channel but he swore that it was a Blue...Guess I was right.. :D