Deer Creek Lake Report

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by BigRed, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. BigRed

    BigRed Just keep casting ...

    Fished Deer Creek Lake on Wed and Today. Water temp 80 with pretty good visibility.
    Fished catfish in NW corner of the lake where the creek enters. Looked for "holes" ... found several about 9 ft deep. Talked with a local who said he used leeches with great success. He was "tree fishing" with 30 rope lines placed along the banks in the deeper, 6 ft water. Also said the cats were just starting to hit liver. He said he caught a 23 lb shovelhead on Monday.
    Fished NE top of lake past the Lodge, all the way up. Caught largemouths on 4 inch plastic worms (black with red tails).
    Both the NW and NE forks of the lake are totally no-wake and very comfortable to fish during the crazy summer boating season.
    Boat ramps are in good shape.

    Overall, had a couple of good trips, caught fish, and didn't get knocked around by pleasure boaters.

    Good Fishing !!
  2. jeffmo

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    probably saw you.we had the boat(monark v hull) out on fishing just stretching her legs a bit and taking the family out for a while.the traffic was really light,maybe 12-15 boats total all day.