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Deer Creek Crappie

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by PoleSnatcher, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. I know they run up stream about the same time the white bass run and can be caught in the 100's. Just wondering what parts of the lake are good for crappie? Personly I've never done good in the lake itself, probbly since I am shore bound.
  2. I have caught a few from shore in the lake before, along the dam and by the old boat ramp are a few good places but I dont think you can get into them like you can in the spring up the creek. Maybe if you had a boat you could find some in the lake. I have also caught them at the spillway before. We will hit the creek a few times in the spring when they are up.

  3. I'd heard about people catching good sized ones out of the lake and I was just kinda curious. Never gave up on the creek, just wondering what the population in the lake was like.

    I can't wait to hit the creek again!!!!! (I feel a state record crappie this year out of the "jungle" hole :D )
  4. The Jungle Hole, good name for that place. It was worth it to get down there though. I want to try to do an all day float trip when the crappie and white bass are up the creek, start at Mt Sterling and take out there where we were fishing think you could handle that?
  5. one year on good friday I got into some nice ones in back of the cove at the back boat ramp
    they seem to move in there right after the water gets up
    nows the time to check out where all those good stumps are if the water is back down.

  6. I think so :D

    we may have to float down past the jungle hole though, would be easier to fish it from the water then the bank (and to think I didn't think you knew what you were doing while we were walking through the weeds, thorns, & trees)
  7. What you thought I didnt know what I was doing?:p HA!

    We could even put in at that spot and float down to the bridge on Yankeetown, we have plenty of time to work something out. You want to hit the spillway sometime and try for some saugeye?
  8. I'll give saugeye a shot.

    I think we got plenty of time before we get ourselves wet in the creek!!! I think if we waded now we would turn into a popsicle!!!!
  9. Since your primarily fishing from the bank, try behind Harding Cabin down on the rocks. Two different ledges there starting on the south end of dock. One ledge is at 12 feet and the other at 18 feet. Use to cast jigs tipped with minnows up and down the two ledges, caught a lot of fish there. You can't fish from the dock the last time I knew but you can come down the on the rocks and fish. Both sides of the dock have produced fish for me through the years.