Deer Creek 4/15

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  1. Well, it was beautiful weather today. Got in the truck, put in Clapton: Unplugged and took the 2.5 hour drive down I-71 to Deer Creek. Fished the creek where it feeds into the lake and had no luck. The creek looked good, water was still a little cold. Threw a 2" white PowerGrub for a while and the switched over to a jighead and minnow. Also used a minnow under a bobber. :S

    I then went to the spillway for a while. Nothing there either. There were a couple guys beside me that caught a small WB and a small crappie.

    They were letting a decent amount of water out. The lake and the spillway are both a little on the muddy side. Especially the shallows on the northwest side of the lake. The lake looks a little bit higher than it usually does this time of year. Of course it would be easy to assume this is due to the amount of rain this....well, if you want to call it...spring.

    Talked to the fellow that works in Mary's bait shop and he said that people have mainly just been catching the male WB and a few crappie. Note: They raised their minnow price to $1.25 for 3 doz. In my opinion you still can't beat that!

    I plan on going back on Thursday.

    Went looking for mushrooms at one of my spots by Hargus Lake and didn't find any.
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    What time was you at Mary's? Was there a big ole flat bottom boat parked outside the door? lol I was there for a hour or so getting the boat titled in the afternoon.

  3. Thanks for the report on the water conditions, I have been waiting for the water to clear up a bit so I can try the crappies out.
  4. Where is Marys bait shop??? Gonna try to put in on the west side friday.
  5. Its in Pancoastburg, if your going south on 207 it will be on the right, big sign our front you cant miss it.
  6. Thanks, was hoping it was on that side of the lake.
  7. No problem Smallmouth! I'll post again tomorrow night when I get back.

    BC, I think I was in there around 13:00 or so. I can't recall. I was the only one there though. I must have just missed ya.
  8. I was down last night, 3 small eyes maybe over 12 inchs in the spillway. The lake is at sumer pool so their will be no wadding for whites for me this year.
  9. does anyone have the number for mary's bait shop?
  10. Has anyone been down for White Bass lately?
  11. I caught 6 sunday 7 today all fish were over 10" biggest was 14". They were not bitting real good for me but still fun to get a couple.I caught all mine on chartruce rooster tails.
  12. Has anybody had any luck with the crappie down there lately???
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    Been getting 20+ crappies, every trip, for the last two weeks with very little effort. Most of them have been tight on the structure except for the days when it's been overcast they seem to be a lil' more spread out and aggressive.
  14. Thanks for the info.
  15. Went again yesterday after my Fremont trip whent a bust, only caught 7 all fish were over 12". I have noticed a big size increace in the last 3 years. I have been catching alot of big fish this year. Just wondering if others are having the same results.( white bass)
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    Brian, are you talking about the size of the white bass you caught at Fremont? What is it that you are asking? As far as the white bass in Deer Creek, I think they are smaller this year and not a very good run at all compared to two years ago. Caught 20 slab crappies again last night.
  17. My brother and I fished Deer Creek today. Caught about 15 whtie bass between us. All were pretty big. They were spread out other than one smal hole we found.

    The shad and carp are in the creek real heavy for those of you targetting those fish. I assume it is spawning time for them. I snagged a decent carp...was nice to hear that drag screaming off the reel.
  18. Slabs I am talking about Deer Creek the #'s might not be their but i'll take 15 12 inchers befor 30, 7 to 9 inch fish. You also have to remember 2 years ago the lake was still at winter pool during the white bass run so it was easier to get at them.
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    Brian, I agree with you there about wanting to catch bigger fish....All I am saying is that I've caught crappies this year that were bigger than the white bass I caught. Two years ago a friend and I got about 75 white bass in 2 hours, all of them over 12" and probably a couple fish ohios in that group. I have the pictures. Think it's already posted in my gallery actually. This year is absolutely nothing and I disagree about the lake being at summer pool already having anything to do with it. I would dare to say that it's more of a matter of the creek not having any water in it/lack of rain/current to bring that creek up and allowing them to push through. Could be wrong, but that's what happens at all of the lakes. We don't get the rain to bring the creeks up....the run sucks. Gotta think, those lil' 7 & 8" jacks can get places the 12" females can't if that water is not up in the creeks! ;)