Deer creek 3/6

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  1. Fished deer creek today from 4 until 7. They just started to let the water out and the spillway is just over the bottom of the walkway. I didn't catch any saugeye but I did catch 3 white bass. I only saw one saugeye in a basket that was in the 20 inch range. The lake is full!! I wonder how low they will lower it? I'll see next week when I go down.
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    white bass?
    They they hit hard or just little hits

  3. just extra weight on the line and then I set the hook
  4. well atleast you got out!!! the tusc is WAY up below the dam and above the dam is flooded well into boliver!!! the pike bite will have to wait at least 2 weeks!!:mad: i'll let you know when its ready!!!
  5. Took a drive down to deer creek today. Man was the water flowin!! It was all the way up to the top of the rocks. You could hardly see the guard rail on the lower steps. Didn't really fish, but the old snagger was down there rippin away. I can't understand way they don't take his gear away. Well by mid week it should be good.
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    Last year in March when the Muskingum got out of its banks I saw a guy fishing out of a canoe near Coshocton. I just had to ask, so I stopped and asked if him if the saugeyes were in that flooded area. He says no but these big 'ol Northerns love this slack water!! He was putting it on 'em with a husky jerk!! I used to get Pike in the fields when the Killbuck would flood on 6" Rebel minnows.
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    I remember fishing the White River when I lived in Indianapolis. It would flood in the spring and I would walk the bank with a tube jig on and drop it right next to all the flooded trees. Got tons of really nice smallmouth that way, when the river looked to high to fish. Nothing like an 18" smallie with only 3-4 feet of line out right in front of ya.