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deer creek 2-5

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ocdfishguy, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. Went down just to get out of the house. Tossed some jigs and did not have a single strike, then I tryed a Gulp leech. I had 3 good hits and managed to catch 2 small saugeyes. After I lost it (the leech) I decided to try a gulp minow grub, on the second cast I landed a 18 inch, 1.2 Lb walleye. I did not know that there were walleye below the dam there. I have a photo and will try to post it later. Is anyone else catching walleye at deer creek or was I mistaken and this was a saugeye?
  2. good to hear deer creek is fishable again, may have to make a trip over that way soon

  3. I hear your gonna be workin' 6-7 days a week!!!!----------that scared you didnt it!!!lol! how are yu gonna work and do all the fishing you want to do???? :D :D
  4. What color Gulp leech and minnow did you use?
  5. HEy Dave, I was at Deer Creek on Friday morning with a friend. We managed four hits in the two hours we were there. Both of my hits were on jigheads and twisters, but only had them on for about 10 seconds. Both hits were down from the dam in the slower water.
    I'm gonna try to get back down there in a few weeks. Lets try to hook up there if we can. Friday I could only fish for 2 hours, but would like to spend more time next time.
    Is there anywhere to get minnows around Deer Creek? They can make the difference sometimes.
  6. Someone's gonna have to have a talk with that guy and SMACK some sense into him!!!! Fishing is more important then lumber anyday!!!!

    Let me know doug. There are several places to get minnows either the dam shack up by harding cabin, frosty's just before 204 or Mary's on the upper end of the lake in pancosbugh
  7. I went to the Deek Creek spillway on the 5th and i got skunked. I got the bites but landed none and reeled in a lot of twister tails with not tails. but my buddy had a good day

    His 25in saugeye[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    That's a nice lookin eye