Deer Creek 10/12 final EEI

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  1. Current electric only field paying $700 to first ( on just 14 teams currently!)

    Our last event to determine 08' point champions- remains OPEN to any new teams.

    With the weather as predicted, very possibly could see one of the HIGHEST Ohio winning weights at this event. 20+ lb bags are not uncommon... a 7+ pounder was caught at our last event!!!

    Details are below- stay tuned in the near future for the 2009 schedule. I hear we are hitting Mogadore three times and an early April Moggie spring open
    (no membership required)!!!

    EEI leading the way to MORE BASS and LESS GAS! FISH GREEN!

  2. Got any results for this tourney? Is the "creek" ON yet? Checked but nothing there either. Come on man I need to here a BIG fish story!!

  3. 28.6 lbs won - details on dobass tonight (Tues 10/14)
  4. Wow. Looks like some tough fishing out there.
    Congrats to the top finishers!

    Deer Creek results have been posted- here's the link in case it was missed :)

    Triton- your positive vibe is greatly appreciated!!!!

    Congrats to Correy Petz and David Greenfelder for the FIRST ever
    EEI Point Champions, netting $200 to the Fin Feather Fur- there will be a specific webpage this week with stats of the top 3teams for 2008.

    2nd place to Robert Hladio and Dave Efferson $100 to Landbigfish

    3rd place the Heater's and $50 to the Fin.

    NEXT year's EEI is goona be SPECTACULAR!!!! Stay tuned!!!

    Absolutely a perfect season our first year out- thanks to all!!!
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    congrads ! looks like it was brutal out there