Deer Calls

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by basshawger, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. I just went and bought some deer calls and I am looking for some help. I bought a bleat and a grunt tube. I am wondering how long you call, how many times, how loud, how often. same with the grunt. Anything will help!!
    Thank you!!
  2. I'm fairly new to bowhunting but this is my experience. On heavily hunted public land, i have only scared away deer with calling. I've had the best results on private land with rattling for about 20-30 seconds, every 30 minutes or so. I usually end with a couple soft grunts or a Can call.

    Last night i had a small 8 at 100 yards at the and tried all my calls. He was interested but wouldn't come closer. A bigger 8 point was on a scent trail and didn't even stop when he heard the Can/grunt. I think most will say, it really depends on the deer.

    I personally like taking the proactive approach on private land, but i know a lot of people don't.

  3. This is what has worked for me in the past. When I get situated in the stand, I give it a good half hour before I let out a bleat. I then wait a minute and a half and bleat again. I repeat the process every hour until I'm out of the stand. I never really use grunt calls.
  4. Im no expert but what ive learned is grunt often while rattling.The deeper the grunt the more mature buck it sounds. I use a true talker grunt. It makes from a fawn bleat doe bleat inmature deer and mature deer. I try to make it sound like a couple of deer going at it. I personal watch a couple going at it before by no means were they quite. It was awsome I killed no deer that day but seen alot of responce from other deer.