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  1. I love bass fishing, but have always fished the bank. Of course that means the fishing gets slow in the warmer weather. I want to learn more about fishing deep water this year and thought you guys might give me some tips. What do you look for on the dept finder? What is your favorite type of bait for fishing deep? At what water temp do you start moving deep? Any other info will be appreciated!
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    i saw a show on this very subject sunday on VS. they were fishing deep rocks and humps with jig-n-craws and spider jigs. they did some drop shotting too.

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    I posted this same thing to your question in The Lounge...

    Wow, there's a loaded question - but a good one!

    The thing I look for on the depth finder is a relatively sudden change in the bottom - typically a drop off or a ledge of some sort. There could also be a change from weeds to weedless, a rock pile, brush pile, hump or creek channel. Basically try to imagine the lake without any water in it and fish in the areas that have the most irregular features.

    As far as the lure goes...It depends on how deep the bass are holding (look for balls of baitfish around the depth change.) Sometimes I'll use a Carolina Rig, sometimes a deep crank or a jig (my personal favorites) or a slow-rolled spinnerbait. I also messed around a bit with a dropshot last year (still working the bugs out with that technique ) It all depends on the bass' mood and activity level.

    As far as water temp...For me it's not so much the water temp that has me moving deep with the bass it is their own activity. Last year they set up offshore kinda late but the year before it seems that I was catching them deep in mid-June.

    You'll have a lot of fun catching bass once you get used to "casting at nothing" - or at least that's what some people call it. Boy are they surprised when you pull in nice size hawgs when they are getting skunked against the shore...

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