Deep diver set-up?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Rooster, May 21, 2008.

  1. I’m looking to go deep for BIG bass this year. I’m looking for a set-up that will make using Norman DD22’s and other DEEP divers a little more comfortable.

    I’m pretty set on using a Loomis CBR847, but I still have not decide on a reel and line. I’m a big fan of the Curado, and I’m considering a 300DSV. However, I would like to get some input on a good reel for this application (the rod would only be used for deep crankbaits).

    Also, I always use braid with moving baits, but in the past I have had issues with 30LB Power Pro digging into the spool when using deep divers. Would moving to 50LB eliminate this issue?

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    my suggestion would be to go with a 5:1 ratio reel, atleast a 7' rod with a mod. action and ditch the braid! i've found that 10-12 lb. flourocarbon will give you the deepest running potental of any line you can buy. i use p-line halo in 10 lb. and a 7' gander mtn. brand crankin' rod (glass). paired with a 5:1 quantum energy reel. never had an issue with this set-up and can bomb it a country mile. the rod only costs about $30.00 and i own 2. might be the best glass rod for the money.