Deep cycle wet, dry, gel?

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  1. PGV16


    Looking to increase my trolling time for pulling planer boards. Anyone know if I am better to double up and add an additional wet cell battery or should I stick with one battery and upgrade to an AGM battery? I cannot do a gel battery b/c my charger won't work with it? Any advice would be helpful....

  2. AGM, or Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries
    A newer type of sealed battery uses "Absorbed Glass Mats", or AGM between the plates. This is a very fine fiber Boron-Silicate glass mat. These type of batteries have all the advantages of gelled, but can take much more abuse. These are also called "starved electrolyte", as the mat is about 95% saturated rather than fully soaked. That also means that they will not leak acid even if broken.