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Oct 5th I netted 1 large & 1 small gizzard shad at the ramp before I put the boat in the river. There was very little current and sunny, water temp was 74 degrees. I headed the boat down river at 08:30, slight down river breeze. I had 3 rods in the water at my 1st spot at 08:50. No action o move up river about 100 yards where I marked a lot of fish around 09:30. These fish did not bite so move about a mile up river to a deep hole at 10:10. Once again no taps or bites so moved to my favorite spot.

10:45 I got the boat just about where I wanted it so my bobber rig works well there. Then at 11:00 the wind shifted and started blowing up river. I got a hit on old shrimp and caught a Channel cat 23 inches, 4.5 pounds. 11:35 I caught a smaller channel on the bobber rig. This one was 18 inches and 2.5 pounds. This fish hit the pieces of strawberry kool aid hot dog. Bobber went under again at 12:00 this was another small Channel cat 18.5 inches 2.75 pounds, it also liked the pieces of seasoned hot dog. Last but biggest fish was caught on some more shrimp at 12:35. This Channel cat was 22 inches and weighed 5 pounds. This was the most fish I boated on a trip all year! All the fish were released to grow bigger.

No hits at all on the Shad I netted or the thawed one I had in the bait cooler. I did get 2 hard taps on the chicken liver but they stripped it off. My back up baits paid off again. Hope the fish keep on feeding and hope the Blue cats join in the action next time I get on the river.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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