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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ARGEE, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. I Bought A New Chevy Last Week..before I Left To Go Pick It Up The Guy Calls Me From The Dealer..says He Made A Mistake On The Price
    So He Raised It 3000$..i Told Him To Keep It..i Had The Deal Written Down..he Signed It An I Signed It..the Mgr. Didnt Sign It I Guess The Deal Wasnt Official

  2. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    He doesn't need his manager's signature. He is a salesperson employed by the dealership and I guarantee that if you had OVERPAID by $3k he wouldn't have needed his manager's signature. That's an old and tired trick that I cringe to hear about.

    Now, that being said, mistakes do happen and I have done that myself. I was fortunate in that the buyer knew I made a mistake and was too honest to try to hold me to a deal he knew was wrong. I don't know if there is any law requiring a seller to complete a deal at a certain price without a contract being signed, but salesguys with any integrity will hold to their word. What was the reason for the mistake? Is it legit or is it an excuse? See what his reason is and go from there. If it is an honest mistake and you still do business with him, you'll likely get a little better treatment since you trusted your salesman. if not, run and run fast.

  3. jeffmo

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    just my opinion but if you had that deal in writing i'd think that they'd have to honor the bbb and ask them if what happened to you is legal.sounds like nothing more than dirty sales tactics to me.either way i'd have went back in and at least voiced my opinion loud enough for any other customers to hear what had happened.they may have went ahead with the deal to avoid losing other sales.
    i'd rather get hit in the mouth than have to deal with car salesmen!
  4. He Said He Just Made A Mistake On The Price..yes I Have It In Writing..the Original Price Was Went Up 3000.oo Before I Picked It Up..wrote The Bbb To See What They Will Crooked Can These Guys Be Anyway
  5. I used to work for a Mitsubishi dealership. I know that if you had it in writing the sales manager there would have held to the deal. So should the Chevy dealer. Honest mistake or not a deal is a deal. Did you speak to the manager? If no satisfaction then I would ask to speak to the manufacturer rep. Explain the situation and I'd bet he will make them honor the deal. If it was the sales guy 3000 dollar mistake they will dock his commision for it. That how things were done at the mitsu dealer I worked for.
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    I don't think there is much legally binding to these car deal sheets because people do in fact make mistakes. The car dealership ain't going to take no $3,000 loss because some hoser screwed up an offer sheet. Nonetheless, I wouldn't be going to that dealership again and I would make it well known to family and friends how this dealership tried to screw you.
  7. Sorry if my opinion is hardball here....and I do know it is not
    every dealer and salesmen....

    With that being said, I would push pull scream and holler for that price you have down on paper....regardless of the BS reason...even if it is an 'honest' mistake....

    Sorry, in my world that don't boss doesn't buy it if I say...oh sorry I made an honest mistake....I publish law books so you can see why mistakes in print for a law book are bad....

    Make them hurt by getting the vehicle price you have down on paper !...if you can....that may cure any 'honest' mistake that salesman ever wants to make again....

    I have heard from some in the biz that this is a tactic 'taught' under the table...I could be wrong about that and I hope I am ....

    BUT, regardless, when you are talking about vehicles for thousands and thousands, and it starts to fall apart in a year....what are you supposed to do ?..take pity on these dealers ?...sorry man, its a sharks world out there...

    I would picket for a weekend there no matter if they make good or not....I would harass them just on the point that buying these piece of crap vehicles isnt supposed to be a hassle.....It is amazing what a nice picket sign or loud speaker will do to a dealer customer base....

    Sorry to the dealer but there are a hundred of them within an hour any direction....

    Dang that is underhanded....!...

  8. Smallie Gene

    Smallie Gene Banned

    If the price difference was $300 then I might think they were trying to put the screws to ya, but it being $3,000, I think the guy was just a fudge up. I still would have went down there and threw a fit on a busy Saturday afternoon, block the entrance with your vehicle, picket with signs that say this dealership is crooked, and maybe try and fight the manager and salesman who screwed up your quote. You might also check with the BBB and attorney general's office to see if this place has a history of pulling stunts like this.
  9. AndroDoug

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    Wow. That is incredible. I have never seen anyone do that before. The Honda dealership I worked for never did anything even remotely like that. I don't know what to say Argee. You called me on my cell and I told you the tactics you should try to get the best deal. I never in a million years think that they would jerk you like that, or I would have warned you. There is really no way to counteract them doing that, except fighting them now in some of the ways previously stated by others in this thread. Sorry they did that to you :mad: . But the tactics I told you to use to get the best deal are the ones you need to use. You just ran into a dirty dealer. By the way, which Chevy dealer was it?
  10. freyedknot

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    Busta Deal ,face The Wheel/thunderdome & Gulag. You Should Go Back And Get Yer Truck.
  11. I bet you if you would of went yesterday the price would of been the same. See most people that are straight comission will cut a customer a break because he needs that money to meet his quota, prize, trip, you name it. Im not condoning what this guy has at all. But this happens when he made it, and now he has 30 days to do it again. The best time to buy a vehicle from a dealer is end of the month. But this happens in the business im in and it makes me sick. Im a loan officer and people do this to customers every single day probably 100 times a day it happens. When you sign documents closing cost are 2000, when you close they are 6000. Or you interest changes at the last minute. These people are crooks and if you are a victum then you should complain. I dont think the car business has to abide by all the laws rules regulations or have to obtain a license to work in that industry. But i would call and complain to anyone that will listen!!!
  12. It Was Doug Chevrolet On Arlinton Akron Ohio..i Talked To The Mgr.and He Said He Couldnt Give Me The Price We Agreed On..i Wrote The Bbb To See What They Say..i Cant Picket Cause Of My Health.just Cant Stand Out There All Day In This 90 Degree Heat...i Told Him To Keep His Dam Truck.
    They Had All Week To Look At That Price They Gave Me.a Minister I Know Used To Work There An He Said They Are Crooks..wish I Woulda Known Sooner..might Just Drive The 1 I Have Now Till The Wheels Fall Off..
  13. Iron_Chef_CD

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    These guys are just out to screw you. In your case it does actually sound like there's a minuet chance the guy made a mistake, but you know what. I read my entire contract and I still made a small mistake on my contract and it cost me 4000$. And guess what, they told me to take a hike. I went to the bbb, the attorney general and a lawyer and I was sol. My main problem was the lemon law didn't apply to me.

    In your case you did the right thing going to the bbb. One piece of important advice I can give you is to make sure you tell them you want that mark on their record until they give you the deal. If you don't want the dealership to give you anything then the bbb will state you don't have a case and drop the issue. Tell them they signed said it was yours and now they're not honoring their contract. They will likely give it to you after that. No business wants a black mark from the bbb...
  14. Smallie Gene

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    I checked out Doug's BBB report and they have 2 complaints made over selling practices in the past 36 monts which ain't really that bad considering the source. The BBB notes that the company made "every reasonable effort to resolve." They also have 2 complaints for false advertising, one of which remains unresolved, and one resolved complaint for service. And let me tell you, "resolved" doesn't necessarily mean the customer ended up being happy over it.

    They ain't going to give you the truck for the original quote, but I figured they would give you a free tire rotation or something after they gave you that lube job on the price. I'd be willing to bet anything, if the contract you signed failed to mention a $2,000 manufacture's rebate but you signed it, you would be screwed.

    Doug Bigelow Chevrolet is NOT a member of the BBB, which means they probably don't really care that much if they get a "black mark." I still think you should have your legal representation call the dealership.
  15. Hetfieldinn

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    Doug Chevrolet is without a doubt, the most crooked bunch of poeple on the planet.

    They actually forged my name on some documents some years back, adding a bunch of money out of my pocket to a deal we had pending.

    Every person that works there should be strung up.
  16. Iron_Chef_CD

    Iron_Chef_CD Allez Cuisine

    Sounds like these guys have a reputation...

    You can always call the attorney generals office and even your local news stations "fraud stoppers" department to put the heat on them.

    Two things I would not do, buy the car from them for anything more than what they have on that original contract, and I would not resolve the issue with the bbb unless they come through with the deal.
  17. Lewzer

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    I never had a problem with Doug Chevy. We've bought 5 new cars/trucks from them. $100 over invoice with no hassles. Let them know what I was willing to pay and they always met the price.

    The service dept is the best in the Akron area in my opinion. No hassles and several free jobs that were not under warranty. The service dept is one of the main reasons I go there.
    Much better than the "American and prooooouuuuud of it" dealership. Their service dept sucks.