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  1. a 12 ga. mosburg pump realtree heardwood camo., for a smith & wesson .17 cal. hnr double action revolver,( stainless steel ) w/ stainless steel red dot pistol scope and holster. sound lake a good deal? plus a 8 ft. 6 in. browning steel head rod ( casting ) goes with the pistol!!!
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    I'd rather have a Smith revolver than a Mossberg shotgun
    just my opinion

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    I'm with Esox. The S&W is a much higher end firearm.
  4. Kinda have to wonder if there is a reason he is offering you such a deal??? Im not sure of the exact price on the handgun..but Im guessing you couldnt pick up any Smith revolver for much under $325, plus he is throwing in the holster, the pole, the fact that its stainless would add $20-25 to its value as well, in the end I would make sure to do your homework on it, maybe ask him if he has had any kind of problems with the gun.
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    What kind of Mossberg is it? Is it a 500, or an 835? The reason I'm asking is that Mossberg makes/made a real nice NWTF 835 w/ that camo pattern. That NWTF 835 is a very nice gun. Its worth alot more than a reg $200 500, even w/ that being said....... I'd still rather have the S&W over either of the Mossbergs! (and I am not like most others, I am a Mossberg fan.)

    I'm not a fan of the .17 but in my opinon you'd be crazy not to do this deal in a heartbeat, HOWEVER it's so good, that I might ask to shoot the gun 1st. A S&W revovler isn't like some of the newer S&W autos, that can be bought for $175-225. A S&W revovler no matter the model I would think is worth more than the Mossberg, plus the fact that your getting a red hot scope and holster?

    I shot ya a PM in addition to this post.
  6. if it is a Smith 647 it is a really good gun they sell for around $600 new
  7. sorry; the pistol was a taurus tracker .17 hmr double action staenless steel mat finish w/ a simmons stainless steel mat finsh. did,nt get the holster, but i did get harden pistol case, the rod w/ 1076 abumatic reel. i had to let a 9 ft. 6 inch bass pro shop float and fly go with a mitchal 308x on the rod.