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Dead sea report 5/13

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by larryfish, May 13, 2004.

  1. Fished CC today with taxiecab. We managed 15 quality crappie 10 to 12 inches. All the crappie we caught was mainly spawned out white crappie headed back in to deep water. We also caught several fat Ky bass and a few cigar saugeye, which were all released. Thanks for the great day on the water taxiecab. :D :D


  2. Keep an eye out for a new state record KY bass at the dead C. People might laugh, but CC has a great population of big spots. A lot of people confuse them with "nice sized" LM bass and don't think much about the fish they just caught but I've personally caught and weighed two spotted bass that were not far from the current state record and both were released to swim and grow. I'll be there this weekend looking for those fish now that they've had a chance to put on a pound or two=)

    On another note, for the muskie guys, 2 smallish 'skis were caught in the coves down by the damn this week. Not sure which coves but I figure either Jonah's run or the other cove closer to the dam. Both fish were small from what I've heard but any report of a muskie being caught is good news as far as I'm concerned.