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  1. Hello all,

    I'm relatively new to the area & brand new to the site. Grew up NW of Dayton & just moved back in '06 (USAF).
    I live about 15 min from CC & would love any info on fishing it-mainly bass (LM, SM, KB). I am a rec fisherman & only fish one tourney a year (Dept of Defense Team Bass).
    After 2 seasons on the Dead Sea, I am swallowing my pride and asking for help! While I have had some decent outings, it has been difficult to pattern with much success. Most of my trips have been to the south pool, mainly due to ease of access at Furnas.
    I'd appreciate any and all help as the '08 season is just around the corner. I do have my own boat & would love to get more use in my own backyard instead of traveling to IN or KY.
    Side note: I do wade/river fish quite a bit near where I grew up and the SM fishery is still very good there if anyone is interested.

  2. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Welcome to the forums Lando, CC gets brought up here quite a bit and I'm sure some folks will be more than happy to help ya out :)

  3. Lando, welcome! They are everywhere, like you've seen there are good and bad days. I've not heard of anyone consistently patterning fish. If you only go in the south pool, you're limiting yourself. You can find lots of fish up the creek so to speak where Anderson's fork splits in. Do a map search and get a satellite image of the creek coming in. You'll find much more cover there and plenty of places to pick apart. I'm by no means a bass fisherman, but on the odd chance I leave the muskie stuff at home and go for bass, I know I can catch a few whenever I try. The first one, if it is a KSB, is real close to a state record, since I don't have a scale that is good under 10lb, I used my son's Snoopy scale :). If you notice the measuring stick, it's around 22". These are all from CC. I've caught plenty more using muskie stuff but don't usually snap pics of them.
    I've had luck all over, but if I had to catch fish, I'd try in the skinny water up north. I saw your profile and it appears you might have a cajun. When motoring up the creek channel, there is a stump on in the middle of the channel on the first swing where the creek makes a turn from the left bank to the right bank (after heading north of Haines Ramp). I'd go up in the spring when the water is down and make a mental note of it. Also, if you really want to see what's going on...go fishing on Tuesday night after work (in the summer), there is a local bass tourney that launches from Wellman. All you got to do is follow the boats. Those with 250HP and up head north, take it for what it's worth. Are you still at WP or did you retire and move back?
  4. Fishman & Big,
    Thank you for the replies.
    That's a big-un. I've caught 'em around 5# and thought I was a hero.
    Appreciate the intel. Only ventured around that area when it was really shallow & didn't press up the creek. Will check it out as soon as I pull the Cajun out of storage this season.
    I'm still AD AF & this is my 2nd tour at WP. First one was in the mid 90s and I lived in B-creek. I have one more tour after this go before retirement. Last one was Alaska (it was great). That said, I am enjoying the return to midwest lakes & rivers.
    Last year my time was split wading the SWR and boating CC. Only ventured to LBL for a military tourney. I'm not at all a competitive fisherman but enjoy the comraderie & great locations. This year, it's at Dale Hollow in early May (any AD, retired, DoD civilians & contractors can fish it & bring a family member). If anyone is interested, let me know & I can pass the website/info.
    (I'll take any Dale advice too:)
    Again, thank you for the info & hope to see ya'll on the water soon.