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  1. I went to Griggs today (Sunday) and there were a bunch of dead Bass. I fish there a couple times a week and have never seen this. Any ideas on what the cause of this may be?
  2. Where abouts at Griggs did you see them ? Around the boat ramps?

  3. On that side but a little closer to the bridge. All of them looked like they had been dead more than a day or so.
  4. I noticed the same but I seen what looked like a handful of small channels.
  5. I saw a couple of cats too.
  6. I Would Say You Had A Turnover.
    Oxygen Went Down And The Fish Where Caught In Between The Change. This Happens With The Weather We Had .
    I Lost Bass, Gills, And Cats Because Of This Turn Over.

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    Not pointing any fingers, but if the dead fish were stacked up in close proximity to each other and near the boat ramp, they probably were the result of a tournament.

    There was a club tournament yesterday at Griggs. Not sure which one.
  8. Would they have made there way below the dam?? plus there were channel cats in there as well.
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    I also noticed an abundance of dead gills and channels below the dam. I figured it was from the low oxygen bath water we were wading in.
  10. When were you there??
  11. I'm going to drive through there at lunch and see what's up.
  12. I saw a few dead bass floating around the Home Road ramp at Oshay this week.
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    Sat and Sun. And maybe later today :)
  14. I was there lastnight, got there about 8.30 and seen a few guys in the water, I just wondered if that was you.
  15. I got there around 11 and left about 8.15 or so. I managed to still catch 4 decent bass.
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    Yessir, was there til 9:30. Wear a bucket cap, fishing vest, swimming trunks. With a guy wearing a blue shirt. I was the one catching all the fish! Not really, caught a 6" SM on my first cast and knew the day was going to be malarkey.

    I really need to get an OGF sticker...
  17. I was at O'Shay on friday and saw a few dead bass and others floating.
  18. I seen a guy lose what looked to be a descent fish, I seen a few smallies caight that looked to be in the 10" range, few rockbass and gills as well.
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    I saw a lot of cats dead last week also. There may have been some type of disease that ran its course. Hopefully just a few weak fish were effected.
  20. I fished below griggs yesterday and today. I did notice about 5 dead channel cats yesterday but didnt see any today. I wasnt't there longer than 20 minutes and these two guys decided to throw there cast net right where i was fishing, Made me a little mad but i moved on and didnt see them again. This was my first time fishing below griggs and manage to land a nice
    19'' saugeye on a carolina rigged white twister till with a flooting jig head. Had a couple nice hook ups but got off before i got whatever they were in. Overall I hand a good time and enjoyed my two evenings on the river.