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dead fish with hole?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by gonefishing8807, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. gonefishing8807

    gonefishing8807 Shore fisherman

    I was fishing today and was walking along the shore and noticed something didnt look right in the weeds. So I poked around with a stick and theres a :B in the mess of weeds, it was an 18 something inch crappie(yes i measure it just because it was sooooo freakin big), but it had a nice hole in the side of it, would this have been caused by an animal or do you guys think some one maybe have been stupid and stabbed it with something? the fish didnt look like it couldnt have been dead for long color wasnt faded and the eyes werent cloudy.
  2. Maybe a bow fisherman got it.

  3. gonefishing8807

    gonefishing8807 Shore fisherman

    never thought about it, but wouldnt that be illegal(not that it would stop some people)
  4. my guess would be blue heron, ive seen them do it to bass then leave them on the shore

  5. Yea a heron can do some damage. But will they attack something that big?
  6. ive seen them leave 17 inch bass on the shore with spear holes through them. i dont know how the h#ll they think theyre gonna eat them, but ive seen them do it to some big fish
  7. If it's heron, they probably don't intend to eat the bigger fish. They are both predators for smaller fish. They are eliminating competition.
  8. gonefishing8807

    gonefishing8807 Shore fisherman

    Yeah thats what i was thinking but I didnt think they would attack something that big, but Bobinstow90 made a good point. I have been noticing a lot more herons this year compared to other years, anyone else noticing this too?


    If the fish was in distress,it is very well possible that a heron
    would take a stab at it.They are ballsy!I have personally seen
    what they do to koi ponds with fish going 1-3 lb and have seen
    them stab at similar sized wild carp in shallow water.They also
    don't shy away from turtles and frogs either!
  10. HOLY MACKEREL!!! That's a big holy crappie! :D
  11. snag


    i would say a heron also, we were fishing today and a 12 in bass had a stab mark on its side from one of those fish spearers...
  12. those pterodactyls are everywhere, especially here at the norwalk res. you ever been in a boat and have one almost sh#t in it? that will scare the h%ll out of you
  13. I love those birds, I call them the poor mans fish finder. Find a heron by the water and you know its right by a bunch of fish. Its trying to get them to move away that can be tricky. Those things get pissed off pretty easy.