Dead deer

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  1. A friend of mine told me his uncle who has a farm in the Dillon Lake area found 35 dead deer on his property a few weeks back and the farm owner across the road found over 40 in his woods.
    They died from blue tongue disease caused by midge bites.
    I also heard there were more found between Pataskala and Columbus.
    Anyone else heard of any ?
  2. Thats allot of dead deer in one area. Hope it doesn't work its way up north here.

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    How recently did they find them? I hunt my grandpa's property in Muskingum County every year and the last I heard of anything like this was this past Fall. Was your friend giving you old news?
  4. No there is another outbreak.
  5. Did you contact the ODNR ?? Sounds like EHD is making another appearance with the weather drying out.
  6. Better to contact ODNR about this.

    Every thing that I have read about EHD is that it happens in the fall
    after a long dry Aug.,Sept when the live stock and deer get concentrated
    around the few watering holes that are left.

    We have had plenty of rain (at least around here Jefferson county) not
    to worry about it (yet).

    Black tongues may be a different thing going on could be CWD.
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    To early in the yr for blue tongue...Someone is either full of BS or soemthing else is going on