Daytona 500 winner - Matt Kenseth!!!

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  1. The dude only led one green flag lap before the rain brought out the red flag.
    I guess it was the right lap to lead in. That's racing!
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    He led one lap and he cried like a baby when they announced him winner. He's not a winner in my book!!!

  3. It was a good race up until the rains came...that was a real bummer.
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    Yes, he won, but he didn't have a chance if the race continued on.
  5. He deserves it just as much as anyone!
    That's racing, like stated below.
    Daytona 500 is the Super Bowl, I saw Hines Ward cry after the game and it was his second SB, plus he didn't even have a part in the game just like Kenseth. Imagine how hard it would be to put yourself in that position. He didn't lead the race until then, but if you watched the race, he started in the back of the field and worked his way up. Eventually he was consistent and was running in the top 10 and even 2-3 towards the end. He also stayed clear of the wreck that Jr caused. Rain sucks for Nascar, but they had to end the race because the rains came down hard the rest of the night. Only one car looked dominate and that was the M&M car driven by Busch. Either way, the race was good until that last lap.

    Mark Martin has tried to retire for a couple years now! He has yet to win the 500, and I bet he would of loved to win like Kenseth, it would of made his career final. Now Kenseth can move on to his next goal.
  6. Martin will never win the 500. He, like Rusty Wallace used to be, is afraid of the big tracks, and he races like it. As soon as the guy wobbles, he drops 20 spots and hides for 50 laps.
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    Congrats to Kenseth. He was where he needed to be when they called the race. Period. Good race while it lasted. Jr. made a few mental errors but was def. a contender. Sounds like GoodYear brought a junk batch of tires. A lot of guys seemed to battle tire issues. As far as Martin being afraid, would he still be racing at his age if he were afraid? It is a young man's sport anymore. I admire his will to keep competing with the youngsters. Comparing Martin to Wallace being afraid of the "big tracks" sounds like a Rusty hater;) Almost a 1/4 of Wallace's 55 wins were at "big tracks" as were over 20 top 5's. There was the flip at Daytona '93 running towards the front.He was running 3rd @ Talledega to the checkered in '93 before the other infamous flip.
  8. weather is a part of nascar. just like weather plays a factor in camping or fishing. sure a rain shortened daytona 500 sucks. but to matt kenseth he will go down in nascar history as a dayton 500 champion. and that is all the matters to him. in the 2006 prelude to a dream at eldora i sat in the stands without raingear in a soaking monsoon rain. and at 11pm that night tony came on the pa system and postponed the race. all outdoor sporting events are defenseless to the rain gods. the only reason the called the race was because it was almost over.think of it like this if a hurricane threatened the bassmaster classic and everyone was told the classic was over and was told to weigh in early and KVD won, would people say he really didn't win cause it was rain shortened?
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    What a horrible analogy....The Super Bowl and a rain shortened Daytona 500? Ok, then lets just say it started raining with 2:00 left in the last Super Bowl, ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!! 48 laps is a good near hour of racing. They knew the rain was coming, why not start the race at 1:00 instead of 3:40? Major Flaw in Nascar. It was sunny and 70 all day today in Florida.
  10. they knew the rain was coming and did nothing. they could have started the race atleast a hour earlier if not more, we do not need to see all that prerace crap. the fans who were there deserve to see nascar make sure they get to see a complete race. i know weather is a part of it but they have started races early before you think they would do it for the biggest event of the season.

    what a disappointment .
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    The green dropped on schedule - that's when the fans know to be there. Completely different than what's on TV. They start it an hour early and 168,000 people miss the start?

    Parma - you're mixing analogies here.
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    I'm not mixing anything, he said it's like the Super Bowl and Hines ward crying after winning his second ring.

    I know just enought about Nascar to know that the Daytona 500 is a national holiday for all the spectators that choose to attend the race. I heard them talking on ESPN on Wednesday that rain was in the forcast for Sunday. You mean to tell me a 5 day notice wouldn't of been enough time to get the people to fill the stands an hour or two early? I don't buy it....
  13. Kenseth fan here...and it was great to see him win the 500. He did only lead one lap, but it was the lap that mattered. Stategy was the whole key yesterday. Everyone was racing for the rain, he was the one lucky enough to be in the lead when the red flag came out. Great start to the season for him. I have been waiting 10 years to see him win the 500.
  14. Sorry, my bad, I will explain it better for those that are slower than the rest.

    The SUPER BOWL is to Football as The DAYTONA 500 is to Racing,
    No matter if there's SUN or RAIN.

    The Daytona is an official race after 100 laps are completed! (THE END OF THE RACE if rain becomes a factor after this point)

    The Super Bowl is official when the fourth quarter is complete, as long as there is no tie!( THE END OF THE GAME)

    It doesn't matter how it ends, it just does! There has to be a winner! And when you win the SUPER BOWL or DAYTONA 500 men are known to CRY!!! Not because of a 3 hour football game or a 2 hour rain shortened race, it's because it's a lifetime dream for someone, something that some of these guys have dedicated 30 plus years of their life to win 1 Super Bowl or 1 Daytona 500 no matter what the conditions are, and if you don't understand that then I'm sorry for confusing you!!

    Kenseth spent over 3 hours in a car risking his life, battling with other drivers at speeds exceeding 189mph. Remember where Dale SR. lost his the 500 at Daytona!! This ain't no joke and any other driver would of loved to be in his shoes.

    They just can't change the time in Nascar like that, too many reasons to list, but here's a few. ADVERTISING, TELEVISION, A SCHEDULE, CORPORATE SPONSORS, Ok so lets just start the Super Bowl at noon, or better yet, move it to Monday like it's no big deal...... California, wake up,it's 9:00 am, The Super Bowl is about to start!

    And since when can they predict weather! Hmmm we're all fishermen here right! We should know that the weather man is always so accurate.....God Help Me!!

    Sent my final PM your way- and this is the last post!!! See you all at the Rod Shop this weekend!
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  15. I was glad he finally got a Daytona 500 win. I would have like to seen Mark get it but ... oh well. Mark has to have the longest road to retirement in sports.
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    ParmaBass. I was referring to -
    17 crying over winning and rain shortened are different issues. Unless I'm misreading what you've said.

    I'm not hot on comparing the 500 to the Superbowl myself - 'cause if it ain't got a motor it's just a game!! :D:D:D
  17. I admire Martin as well. Maybe 'afraid' wasn't the right word. Let's say he races tentatively on the big tracks (Daytona and Talladega). I also very much enjoyed watching Rusty Wallace race and was always a fan, although he annoyed me late in his career because he became a whiny driver. However, facts are facts. Wallace had 0 wins in 45 starts at Daytona and 0 wins in 45 starts at Talladega. Martin is 0 wins in 48 starts at Daytona and 2 for 47 at Talladega. Both men drove for top notch race teams their entire careers and Daytona and Talladega are not exactly known as drivers tracks. So that leads me to one conclusion. Their performances at these two tracks cost both drivers a couple of additional Cup Championships.
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    ...or just 1 championship in Mark's case!!!:)
  19. the guys who are saying a scheduled time is a scheduled time are sooooooo wrong and have obviously never been to a cup race. 95% ,probably more, fans are within a few minutes walk of the race a hour before the announced race time(in the track or at near by souvenir stands). and there is no start time on tickets only a date that race will be held. tv, sponsors and advertising will lose very little with a hour or two earlier start, they already had that time slot sealed on fox years ago. and no one is say start at 9am, 2:30 would have been good.oh and even i can predict the weather 6 hrs before hand, not that hard.
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    That was worded alot better, that's what I was trying to get at... Well said! And thanks for the pm reellucky, my 3 year old is more mature than you!
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