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  1. Fished one of the dams downtown yesterday for a few hours. The water was up a couple feet they must have gotten some rain up north because I hadn't seen a drop for several days. well I waded and fished for about 2-3 hours and caught nothing. I have fish this spot for a few yuears and have never gotten skunked there before but I think this was the highest the water has been for me too. when I got there there was a guy with what looked like his grandson, they were using worms and caught a few small fish (looked like suckers and a couple small smallmouth) and I think I saw them take hoome some small catfish while I was there. Then as I was getting ready to leave two other people show up with some worms and start catching a few 10 inch or less smallmouth and proceede to put them on a stringer:mad: now isn't there a 12 inch limit on bass? and what are people doing eating fish out of the river especially downtown dayton? I don't have a problem if people keep fish that are legal size but how much meat can you get off of a 8-9 inch SM? no wonder I could get any fish to hit my spiners, every body takes them home:mad:
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    There's an asian guy who i see down there on occaision who keeps EVEYRYTHING he catches... catch and keep seems to be the rule down there.
    The only size limits on rivers around here is on the stillwater from covington to ther 571 bridg:1 SMB over 15". I still see folks taking stringers of bass outta there. The signs telling folks of the size limit were torn down yrs ago and I've called the DNR and they just give me lame excuses about why they don't repost it. Can I get anyone else to call them up and light a fire under their arse? TC1

  3. I don't know why anyone would even want to keep fish out of the river. the water is so full of junk the fish can't be healthy to eat. I thought there was a 12 inch stawtewide minumum on bass but I was wrong I just looked it up. maybe there should be a minimum length for bass.
  4. If I had to eat fish out of the GMR it would only be the small ones!
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    yakfish I'm really afraid a statewide limit would'nt help. Some people don't care and would'nt respect the limit anyway. At least we could report them though.