dayton game warden busted???

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  1. I posted last week about the Miami Cty Game warden. Couldn't read the article in your link (not registered waterfowler websiter). Article in the local paper didn't state what the issue was but I have heard hearsay but won't repeat cause I don't know if its true. If what I did hear is true then he might have some problems in the near future with employment.

  2. O.K. What's the story??
  3. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    Copy and paste it if ya can, interested in reading this.
  4. didnt work, so whats the story?????
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    sounds like he was possibly baiting dove w/ several hundred #'s of birdseed, from what I can tell.

    I say possibiliy becasue they have to proove it.
  6. Yep thats what I heard last friday playing cards. I guess he ticketed some hunters hunting the field that he baited and the hunters didn't know it was baited. OSP investigating..probally be swept under the rug. I've met him several times while the kids went thru hunters ed. Seemed kinda arogant to me. Never ran into him in the field thou. Won't this be a Federal issue since its doves?
  7. when you read things like this you really hope its not ture. if its ture I hope he gets what coming to him.
  8. that's just sad. how are we supposed to have a respected sport when the ones who enforce the law don't even follow it.