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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by getinjiggy, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. I was out on my local lake Thurs. eve and I was talking to some bass fisherman, in a boat. They had said they read the crappies were really hitting hard( according to the newspaper) Now why does the newspaper rely on bait shops for their info? These shops are going to tell them anything to get people to come. Trust me were not lighting the world on fire on this lake yet! It will come around but when these people blatently lie like this its disturbing to me!I think the newspaper needs to have trusting people, to get out and do some footwork.JMO Glenn
  2. Holy cow, somebody from Russia. My mom lives there, spent a lot of my childhood around there. Hope all is well in Russia these days :)

  3. Darwin

    Darwin If your gonna be a bear..

    Ru-she, I never understood that? Ohio has many odd named places. Maybe not so much that they are odd named but odd pronunciation. By the way I grew up and the little town about 20 miles as the crow fly's due south of there called "Red River"? And before anyone ask I don't know why it was called that, doesn't the Red River go from Canada to Arkansas?
    Anyway getinjiggy sorry to rant on about something as far from your question as could be but you are right. Even ODNR's fishing report is pretty much the same as years past. They may change the wording around a bit but it is basically the same info year after year.
    I'm not sure how old you are but there was a time when you heard it on the News you took it as gospel, been along time since it has been that way though. :(
  4. The Papers Are Never Right, They Either Get There Info From Bait Shops Who 90% Of Will Tell You Anything You Need To Hear To Sell You A Worm Or They Just Drive Around And See A Crowd Of People Fishing And Automatically Assume The Fish Are Bitting Which At Times They Are But Theres Also A Thing Call " Enjoying The Weather " !
  5. Fishing reports in the paper are kinda like opening the business section of the newspaper and reading the "hot" stock pick of the week. Most financial advisors will tell you to never buy their hot pick because thousands of others are already on it. I look at the fishing reports I read in the paper the same way. I've gotten to the point where the only time I read them is when I want to stay away from other people. Want to see some crazyness, just wait till this weekend when the opening day of the trout circus starts here in PA. People will be all over those reports lined up sholder to sholder three deep trying to fish one spot they read about in the paper. They're already doing it from what I hear with the Walleye at the Pymatuning causeway.
  6. Well Russia these days is nice and quiet, the way I like it! lol I think my biggest problem with the paper is allowing this false crap to be written. They tell people to use a# 2 aberdine with a crawler for catfish. Ok Im a fisherman of many years and I probably dont know my hook sizes.I guess I'll have to deal with what they write. I know what there doing and where. Glenn
  7. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Sorry, no guarantees
    I don't usually respond to callers who don't leave their names and numbers, but I think one I received over the weekend deserves some kind of explanation, because it probably affects many others.

    The caller said he followed the Thursday fishing report and went to Paint Creek Lake to fish for crappies. He said he found the lake to be seven feet below summer pool, and there was "not a crappie in sight."

    The fishing reports this year on Paint Creek have noted the lake was being kept low for work on a new boat ramp. That's a temporary measure.

    As far as having no luck on crappies, that is, well, a crapshoot (I had to say it.). The report just says what has been going on; it can't guarantee fish will be caught.

    He wanted to know where I get my information. I have different sources for each lake, usually bait dealers who talk to anglers every day. Sometimes it's people who regularly fish a lake or, perhaps, a park manager or Division of Wildlife employees.
    As we all know, fishing can be good one day and bad the next. That's why the sport is called fishing — not catching.
  8. Well Tee it should actually be called Hunting. Until these fish get set to spawn there gonna be hit and miss.And in our area there is only one bait shop. If you call him well there knockin the sh&%$ out of everything.People in buisness or working for state agencies will tell you things to draw you to there respected lake. Im not pointing fingers cause there are alot of people and places you all cover. I just hope you can find more reliable resources.