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Dayton, Cincy area

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Glisten320, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. I was referred here as the best place to get fishing info.
    I am a student at The University of Dayton and I am looking
    for a good spot to fish. Anyone know of a good spot around
    this area? I appreciate all the help. Thanks
  2. Glisten, send me a PM and Ill help point you into some good water, would help if we all knew what types of species and what your experience level is.
    I live right down the road from UD and grew up in the Dayton Area ( still here almost 40 years later) 30 years of fishing in the neighborhood.


    PS I think there are 2-3 others from UD on this board, perhaps they can pipe up...

  3. I'm from Cincinnati, but my GF goes to UD and I visit often. When I know the weather is going to be nice I usually bring my fishing pole and fish the Great Miami river right by campus. I fish the stretch right by the arena and have done well. I have never been skunked yet fishing that river. I have caught everything from catfish, carp, smallies, even a snapping turtle. She graduates in May and will be moving to Cincinnati, but I can gaurantee that I'll still drive up their to fish that stretch of water becuase it has been so productive for me. I usually take two different fishing poles with me. I take my catfishing pole and my bass pole. I throw out a line from my catfish pole and prop it in a rod holder and while I'm waiting for a bite I fish my bass pole. The first time I went down to that stretch of water I did this and I had two fish on at the same time. As I was reeling in a smallie, my catfishing pole was nearly bending in half from a 12 pound catfish. I will be fishing down their often in the next few weekends so if you see me stop by. Oya make sure you bring a case of the beast!!
  4. H2O Mellon

    H2O Mellon Hangin' With My Gnomies

    Where do you guys park at? I've heard you can park in he Marriott Hotel parking lot & walk across the street. This would be right next to Welcome Staduim.
  5. Glisten320:

    The river out your front door (GMR) is some of the best fishing around. Also, check out for a few other fishing holes in the area.

    Catslammer Out.