Daughters first eye.

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  1. Took my Daughter to Deer Creek she caught a nice 17.5 inch eye she was so happy. The little things..

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  2. CONGRATS GOOD FISH ............ HOPE YOUR LUCK KEEPS GETTING BETTER & BETTER WITH THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pappysgto@aol.com

  3. HAHAHA!...That's great!!!!...It's always a treat for a parent to watch the excitement on their kids faces as they're reeling one in...:)...The only thing better than the pic of the eye is the fact that it's obvious that she doesn't have a problem holding the fish...lol...I've run into A LOT of girls/women who go on and on and on about loving to fish, only to get out to the riverbank or lakeside and find out that she won't bait her own hook or is "afraid" to take the fish off the hook...and little girls who are like that grow up to be women who do the exact same thing...Congrats....looks like you're raising her right!...That's a fine Walleye!
  4. Awesome, I remember my sons first eye, now I cant keep him off the boat, even when it is in the garage! Congratulations on the first. Hopefully that eye wasnt the only thing hooked that day!;)
  5. Great job Brian! Great fish!! Better look-out she will be having you take her after a steelie!!!:D Congrats!
  6. About taking her to get a steelie that eye gave her a fit, one more year befor she can take on a steelie. But I can't wait to see that. Yay that smile made my day.
  7. Great job keep the kids close, they grow up way to fast, leave for college, fall in love and move to Tn. or N.C. I "HATE" that. At least they are close to Hickory Lake, Tn. and Lake Norman, N.C.
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    Great job, Brian! Getting them hooked young will keep you tight for many years. My daughter caught her first bass in Oklahoma when she was 3(chart. twister) and was addicted! By the time she was 12, she could cast as well as most of my friends! I had dreams of father/daughter bass tourneys... then came boys, the mall, cars, etc... like leupy said, they grow up WAY too fast! Now that she's "out on her own" we get together and fish a 1/2 dozen times a year. Someday(I hope in 10-15 years) I'll have a son-in-law who is thankfull for the way she was raised.
  9. Good job I would have a big ole smile on my face as well:)