Date For The Mogadore Res Clean-up

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  1. Joerugz and I are thinking about march 29 and 30. what do you guys think of that? more details to come tommorrow( location ,gameplan,lunch with discussion) any ideas would be great.
  2. I definitely want to participate, but I may be out of state that weekend. I'm changing jobs, so I'll be training in North Carolina for two months beginning around that time.

    Someone should start by contacting the City of Akron for trashbags. If we offer the volunteers, the city ought to be willing to help with supplies. If not, a convenient letter could be sent in the direction of the Akron Beacon Journal regarding the city's willingness, or lack there of, to help with the clean-up efforts. Just an idea, but one way or another the city should be involved in the process.

  3. I saw yur posting and was curious as to what all is going to go on during this clean up. Is is picking up debree around the lake and such? Any info would be great
  4. yes but there are a few other things like a discusion over lunch. for more info go to the thread -is mogadore reservoir in danger.
  5. I can contact the city. I'll let you know what I hear.
  6. City of Akron has put me in touch with the folks at "Keep Akron Beautiful" for help with trash bags and possibly a dumpster.

    Looks like the city will come through for the clean up.
  7. thats awesome. way to go. Im glad to see people taking this seriously
  8. Thats great to hear akron city is going to help out with the clean up
  9. Unfortunately, that weekend & the weekend of April 18, 19, & 20 are out for me. Keep me updated with other dates, & I will do my best to help.


    count me in. ill also get some of my buddys to help. big daddy you might ask your contacts about oepning the access gates for the weekend just a thought cause they wont be open at that early of a date. Kurt
  11. The folks at "Keep Akron Beautiful" will only give us supplies if the cleanup were held within the city limits.

    I'm working it still, so please do not lose tempers, faith, or anything like that. I just need to find the right person to talk to.

    Keep Akron Beautiful is not affiliated with Mogadore Res., nor is it a city department. They are a separate entity altogether that does clean ups within the city limits.

    Anyway, I'll find the right folks to talk to and it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. The official date so far for the clean up is march 29th. It is a saturday, we will be meeting at the bait shop(mogadore bait and takle) between 8 30 and 9 00 am. In the mean time we are just going to wing it, do some scouting and try to get a plan of attack in order. Joerugz and I are going to try and meet at congress lake rd parking lot this sun at 10am but i think the storm is gonna push that back till next weekend.
  13. I did hit the trail between 43 and CLR. The wife and I didn't quite make it all the way to CLR, but we did clean up around the boat house at 43. It didn't look that bad, but snow was still covering alot of the ground.

    With this snow, lets not do anything untill its gone.

    And like someone suggested, with open water, one can use a boat to better hit shore lines.
  14. I did get to the right people. I'll find out what they'll get to us next week. More than likely, they'll supply us garbage bags for the clean up.

    More later...
  15. Kewl, BD. I hear bigfoot is gunna help with the clean-up also!!
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    This is bigfoots cousin here, he did say that he would be able to make it but unfortunetly i will be unable to make it, i have a business meeting that will take up my entire day:( . but i think bigfoot's cousin's uncle will be able to help if he's not working on that bathroom, or running his in house catering business:p
  17. What you guys are doing is awesome. If I wasn't in school 100 miles away I would come help. Keep up the good work fellas and see you this summer. Good fishin'!
  18. March 29 is the Boat Stake Lottery at the boathouse...

    Not sure if you still want to continue with that day. Going to be busy in teh AM at the boathouse!

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  19. perhaps the number and name on that attachment in bds' post could be used to gain some usefull info on how we can effect some positive actions as soon as possible for the better of mogadore res. I think i will call and see if i can talk to someone.
  20. Wife and I walked North Dyke Rd. Parked at the gate off of Sunnybrook next to a guy living out of his van (old rickety brown rusted conversion). The road still had alot of snow on it but managed a bag of trash anyhow, mostly where you park.

    Obviously, the parking areas need the most attention.

    What time is the boat stakes lottery? Maybe it will be good to have a number of fisherman present while the parking lots are being cleaned up! By showing concern and effort, something may rub off.

    After spending some time cleaning up, maybe a few of us can run over to LandBigFish's weekend sale?

    Oh, BTW open water west of CLR out to the first island and around into the first north bay.