Darton Renegade Compound Bow

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by 5Cent, Mar 28, 2005.

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    now have a Darton Renegade Compound Bow for sale.
    - 28" draw length
    - 60lb-70lb draw weight
    - xtra #4 module for i believe 29" or 30" draw length (will check)
    - 2 piece matching Darton camo quiver with xtra rubber lower (5 arrow)
    - TM Hunter rest (Teflon prong covers)
    - 3 pin Horizontal Sight (fiber optic)
    - Braided Rop Sling
    - 7"/8" stablilizer with quick disconnect (will check name and length)
    - Tarantula (sp?) string silencer
    - camo mole hair on riser

    This bow was extremely well taken care of, just ready to totally upgrade everything at once. Will take $250 obo plus shipping, or within meeting distance of Athens. It's currently in a local bow shop, but pictures for anyone interested. Email or pm me. Email is an295201@ohiou.edu.