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  1. 10-13-08 me and buddy put canoe in just north of praie oaks on amity. fished from there to pretty close to the beach road bridge, threw the tackle box at em and came up with one smally bot 10in fished from 10am to 2pm and that was it. water seemed very murky, calm, little low. Was at the darby couple days ago on alkire and it was very clear not quit sure y the darby on amity is murky or maybe the whole darby has went murky.
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    I have never seen that particular stretch get as clear as what the rest of the creek gets. It is always stained. Also, the fishing there can be really tough... as you now know. I like that stretch when I don't have a lot of time... and will float down to throw at a few specific holes and then go home.

  3. dude, it was this weekend, high temps, high pressure, bluebird skies, everywhere was tough, i fished the scioto, alum, and waded a lil piece of darby...all bad reports. and had good reports earlier in the week on scioto and alum.
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    The fishin was indeed generally tough all over. Here's where I hit: Knox Lake--1X13" channel cat, noone else doing any good either, except 1 boat had 15 crappie they got from all over the place, not isolated in 1 spot, Big Darby--1X14" smallie, and 1X9" chub that hit my Jitterbug!, local pond 1X14" LM, and Clearfork Creek (very low flow here too), nothing except 2 lost flies. The last 4 days have been great to be on the water, just slow fishin, but at least got something, except at CC.
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    Does anyone know if there is big Flatheads in the Darby, or what kind of fish would I expect to catch if I go there? A friend talked about going there.
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    There's almost no chance of meeting up with a flathead. However, there are largemouth, smallmouth, and all kinds of minnows and panfish and rare little darter things. IMO, darby is a smallmouth creek more than anything. There may be a few small channel cats in it, but nothing too exciting lol. Take a fly rod if you really want to have fun!
  7. it would be tough to go there looking for flatties, but they are there. last time I was at the darby, looking for those rare little darter things, I seined up a bunch of 1" flatheads wich was pretty cool. it looks good for flatheads in parts but most of it is bass habitat. I agree with clayton, bring a fly rod and have some fun.
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    Back in the day on a float trip with a couple of friends of ours, we watched our friend catch a 38" shovelhead. The scales only went up to 32 lbs. and he blew that out of the water. Biggest cat I have ever seen in my life. It was huge with it's flathead.

    There are all kinds of cats in the Darby. Big ones too!
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    Obviously you've never floated the lower darby down to the confluence with the Scioto...Flathead (and potentially Musky) city.....
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    While doing an electroshocking semniar with the EPA, my friend popped a 18lber near Battelle Darby Park.
  11. I have caught some descent channels out of the Darby up to about 5lbs, I have heard stories that the Darby used to be a good flathead fishery, they are bound to still be in there, maybe not in the same numbers...but there.
  12. I saw a channel cat in darby when it was very low and clear a few years back that was easily 8-10 lbs. Caught one about 3 lbs on a buzzbait also.