Darby creek area

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    Ive got 2 questions to ask:

    1) does anyone fish the big darby creek area up around mechanicsburg/
    millford center that could tell me if there are any flatheads in it

    2) has anyone ever heard about a place called the little darby
    conservation club....I talked to a guy last year at clark lake when they
    stocked trout and he was telling me and my father of this club where
    you paid a nominal fee and could fish the pond, but he never told us
    where it was at, and I cant find anything on the internet about it...

    thanks in advance for any info provided
  2. Hey Flathead,
    No big uglies up that way that I've ever heard of and I've fished it for 35 years. There are some fairly decent channel cat spots, but no flats.

    The pay lake is Darby Lakes Conservation, not Little Darby. It's about 3 miles east of Milford Center on Middleburg-Plain City road ; phone number is (937) 349-4000. I know a few people that fish it and take some big cats out of there ........... of course, that's if we are to believe a fisherman about the size of his catch !!!!
    Good luck ...... need any more info , PM me