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    Wow...Griggs passed before Alum? Never woulda thunk.

  2. misfit

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    yet another reason to love hoover:D
  3. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    Crazy i though Alum was clean. lucky i dont really fish there. but everyone else be careful.
  4. wow! Im was there late april, waded and fished. I think we kept some of the fish and froze it for consumption later. Should we throw it out? we waded in the water but never swam in it.
  5. Last Saturday. Wayne in his Nitro and me in the Ranger. Didn't have to go anywhere actually. Went to left of Red Bank Ramp into that little cove behind the pontoon boat and stayed there for 4 hours. Caught (NO LIE) 237 Crappies. Most of which were under 9" so we threw them back.

    Anyway, we only kept 27 fish altogether. We kept what our families could eat for dinner. That's only right. RIGHT?

    Water was crystal clear and guess what fellas?

    The Roadrunner beat live minnows AGAIN. This is the combinations I am using.


    Have a great day fellas.

    Oh,,,Had my elbow operation and it hurts like heck. But I can still turn a reel very slow. heh heh heh;)
  6. misfit

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    ah,so you found that spot:D
    nice job.
    don't you know you're not supposed to give spots away?;)
    i pulled a bunch from there a couple weeks ago,but left them for you;)
    i only fish it when my other spots don't produce,and at certain times of the year.
    that is why i tell people with big motors,they don't have to run all over the lake to catch fish.not just crappies,but eyes,bass,etc can be caught within a few hundred yards(and less) of any ramp on the lake:)
  7. Rick. That lake is also a beautiful place. The quietness is what I love about it. Sitting in a cove and not hearing all the construction, cars, people yelling etc... Man O Man it is so peaceful there.

    I just don't understand why they just don't make it STRICKTLY NO WAKE LAKE? That way at least you could motor at an idle in case the wind came up alot. If the wind blows pretty good from west to east I might have a hard time getting back to Red Bank from that spot, even on 24V at high speed.
  8. misfit

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    the hp restriction is exactly what makes/keeps it that way;)
    i do understand (some) of the reasoning behind changes,but just don't know what negative effects would follow.
    the primary purpose of hoover is water supply.fishing/recreation are secondary.
    but this issue is a whole other discussion;)