Dan patrick to leave espn and nextel cup will be the sprint cup in 2008

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  1. dan patrick is leaving espn. he feels he cant do anymore there. and nextel cup will be the sprint cup in 2008
  2. I was somewhat surprised with Dan Patrick's decision to leave. It seems that he had a great thing there and he was a cornerstone of ESPN. I like the guy and kind of hate to see him go.

    As far as the Nextel Cup issue well I have no clue how the two are related.:confused: I am not a racing fan so I have no more comment than that.:p

  3. There is speculation that he may return to CNN and bolster their sports coverage.

    BTW-Is Nascar a "sport"?:p :confused: :D

  4. I tried not to go there.:D:D At least you knew it was Nascar (I am only assuming from your post.) I barely knew it was even auto racing.:p
  5. B,

    I knew NASCAR exists because ESPN covers the crap out of it now that they broadcast the events. Note I said "events"...or is it contests? ;-) I rank it somewhere between PBA and WWF.:D

  6. Speaking of awful sports events coverage (which I think you were:p) I suffered through one of the worst ever for me yesterday. We went to Cedar Point and in the afternoon went to the sports bar restaurant in there to eat. I walked in and scanned all of the TV's and noticed that one of them was tuned to sumo wrestling.:eek: So we get seated in front of the large projection screen for our meal and guess what is on that screen? Yep, 500+ pounds of flesh and skin in diapers playing roly poly.:eek: And my chair is facing directly at the screen. I had to wear my hat with the brim pulled down so as to not get any damage from the peripheral view.:p I just thought I would share that with you so that you were aware that there are worse events to cover than racing.:D:D:p
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    Gee, Brian, that must have been some visual...especially during a meal. :eek:
  8. Without the hat I probably would have had to pass on the meal.:D
  9. B,

    You can't let something like that ruin a good meal! Way to overcome a bad situation.;)