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  1. Buckeye Farm News today had a story about damage permits. There were 1,591 issued this past year with 8,723 deer harvested. The Farm Bureau's policy is to have the herd reduced to 250,000 deer! David Risley from OH Division of Wildlife's Research unit is quoted as saying "we'll probably keep pushing the deer population back until hunter's complain that there's not enough deer". Keep in mind this publication is coming from the farmer's point of view so I kind of took it with a grain of salt- but it's something to think about.
  2. From the whitetail management classes I took in college from the whitetail manager in Athens county maintaining a herd of 250000 is going to be hard to do no matter what the strategy. He told us that you could eliminate 2/3 of all the deer in the state and the following year (baring any crazy weather patterns) we would have just as many deer to a small increase the following year. Because of the lack of competition for food the does will have 2 to 3 fawns each.

  3. They are definately serious about reducing the herd numbers - check out the new proposed limits! You can legally kill a truck load of does next season. I think you'll see the hunting return to the late 80's, early 90's type of seasons when you didn't see as many deer, but the quality was still present.

    If it happens that the herd is cut too thin (not sure this would actually happen) they can simply back off the limits for a season or two and it will pop right back up. As long as they keep the one buck per hunter rule, the state should continue to have great deer hunting.
  4. I don't know that they will get to their number without changing things significantly. Right now I don't think it is so much a case of guys not being able to kill all the deer they can eat. They pretty much limit themselves and allowing a full "truckload" of deer as opposed to 3-4 does not make a difference to many people.

    I think the only way they will be able to make more of a dent is to continue to improve the "Food for the Hungry" programs. Even this in many cases is not enough incentive to get folks to harvest extra deer. I have heard some people mention an "Earn a Buck" program where people could earn an extra buck tag by harvesting a certain number of does first. I could see this being one way to entice a few folks.

    Right now we are pretty fortunate that we seem to have a deer herd that has stayed large despite all of our efforts to reduce the herd.
  5. bkr is right on the mark. I had chances to shoot at least 3 more does this year and passed. We only eat about 2 deer a year and I already had my two. Now if a nice buck walked in front of me then I would have taken another one. If there was a good food for the hungry program where I would not have had to pay for the butchering I would have shot another one and gave it to them.
  6. I am not sure what county you hunt in but the new (in the last couple of years I believe) system that has been set up with the Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry allow you to simply drop the deer off. I have not done it myself but I believe it is a no cost deal for the hunter. Take a look at the link above and it lists the places that are participating.
  7. I don't anybody that would kill the amount of deer in the new limits - not one hunter. I'm sure there are a few out there, but unless you give it away I don't know how you could eat it? Even killing young deer you would have a termendous amount of meat on your hands.

    I kill two deer maximum and nothing will change that - not even the offer of a second buck tag. I simply can't eat it and am not into the thrill of killing deer enough to go to the trouble of harvesting/recovering to donate a deer. Nothing against the programs - I think it is great, but the crowd I know and hunt with kills only enough to eat for themselves and family.

    I pass dozens & dozens of shots at does and small bucks; I am fortunate to hunt on good private land. Most bow hunters I know pass do the same throughout the season. I don't see anything changing that.

    I do tend to believe there are a few less deer in many areas than there were just a few seasons ago. I know where I hunt in SE OH there aren't as many due to the EHD losses and the extra limits. The gun hunters have done a good job of clearing the doe population. The hunting remains excellent, but there are fewer deer in the area no doubt about it. The area in Greene County I hunt continues to gain in population - access is nearly impossible to get and lots of ground is off limits to hunters. Nothing can be done about that as private property is exacty that - private.
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    They better not raise those limits :p
    I'm not seeing ehough deer!!!!!!!! :p
  9. I will tell you that I shot 5 deer last year and that was way too much for me to handle. I ended up giving the last three away to college buddies who agreed to pay for the processing. I will never do that again. This year, I shot two Does. The first was donated to our local sportsmen's club and the other is in the freezer. I only bought 3 tags this year and the last one was designated for a bruiser buck...which I never had a chance to take a shot at.