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Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by normd, May 30, 2007.

  1. Whats the fishing like above the Providence Dam? What can I expect?
  2. TheBiteIsOn

    TheBiteIsOn TheBiteIsOn

    i grew up west of there and the largemouth fishing can be some of the best in the area.....if you have a small boat, south turkeyfoot creek is really good at times, it on te south side of te river about 1 mile west of the dam, throw spinner baits in the mouth or shallow diving minnows...if you go up in the creek deffinatly do some flipping or throw tube baits, the crappie can be awsome in there also.....also have caught both crappie and largemouth in the campgrounds along the south side of the river, another great spot is.....if you go to the dam and actually walk across the top of the dam, there is an island in the middle, the west end of the island if you look there is cattails comming up right now, was just there....throw a spinner bait, i have done very well there, catching largemouth's that is.....hope this helps and with a little patientce i am sure you will catch fish, just remember it is closed season on bass right now and hope you would practice catch and release anyway....lets keep them there for our kids....good luck and let us know how you do.....:D

  3. Do you put the boat in at the dam? Is there a boat ramp there? I may head that way tomorrow morning as I fish from my kayak!