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Dam Problems

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ShakeDown, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Some real pleasant news! :eek: Wonder if the Govenor was aware of this? :rolleyes: Wonder what tragedy it will take to have something started toward repair of the problems. :confused:

  2. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    I am curious about which other dams are deficient?
  3. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    I read another article a few weeks back that said Girard Dam (in NE ohio?) was in REAL bad shape. That article also said there were hundreds in Ohio that needed some serious work.
  4. catking

    catking Banned

    There are some dams down this way that would be a major problem if they were to weaken. Paint Creek is probably the worst. It is huge and is built in a very narrow valley................ C.K
  5. Up here in the NE the ACE, local governments and citizens groups are working on a project to dredge the Mahoning River from Warren (Levittsburg) to the PA line. Pa has also said if Ohio cleans the river to the border, they will pick up and continue the project down to where the Mahoning meets the Shenango and Beaver Rivers below New Castle. Along with dredging they are talking about removing a large number of the lowhead dams. I believe Girard dam may be one of them. Alot of people have realized they do more harm than good and for the most part would cost more to make safe than destroy. However, unfortunately, the little town, up river of Levitsburg, I grew up in has been discussing rebuilding atleast one of their two to generate electric power that they could in turn sell. Note I said sell, not use to provide cheap source of electricity to their residents. I doubt I'll see them do this in my lifetime, given the condition of these dams. I remember fishing below them as a kid and counting the number of places water was coming through various cracks and holes in their dams.


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  7. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    How many miles is it from Warren down the Mahoning to the Shenango in river miles?
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    I know there has been discussion for a number of years about removing the lowhead dam(s) on the Olentangy. I believe that there is one up in Delaware that is going to be removed and I keep on hearing that OSU is going to remove the one near 5th ave. One major problem is removing all the sediment that has been deposited behind don't want all that going down stream :(. As for safety, I believe Griggs was in bad shape prior to 95'...Then it got a COMPLETE makeover. I watched the whole process during the summer...what a job...destroyed a lot of good holes that year...and the project continues to destroy good holes b/c of the "new" route of the river...However it will create some nice holes...eventually. Has Oshay ever been re-done? I would be concerned about Oshay..If indeed it hasn't been touched for almost 80 years.....Also if anyone is interested on old photos of the dam's/rivers here is a good link... and Reservoirs&searchindex=S&b_type=BS

    O'shay dedication photo...1925

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  9. The dam at Alum Creek Lake is only 30 yrs old so it's probably in good shape, but it still amazes me how many new housing developments they keep jamming into the river basin below the dam. Maybe it's just me but I don't put that much faith in large man made structures ever since 9-11.
  10. Leavittsburg is RM 45/44.5 I believe Warren is in the mid 30s. Lowellville is 11 (last town in Ohio and at the state line) Shenango at the confluence is RM 0.

    I was part of the biological assessment for the Mahoning River project...seems to be stalled who knows...I believe 2 lowheads actually blew out last year during the summer, actually went through one of them in a boat. Getting a permit to build a NEW dam isnt something thats easy, especially in Ohio, with the stance and direction the OEPA is going. WHile its a nice idea for the town, it has no clout elsewhere with the agencies that it matters with. I just read up and saw some pictures of the newly removed kent dam, and it is gorgeous and already having profound improvements on the quality of aquatic organisms. If you go to the ODNR page they have some great info and cases on lowhead dam removal.

    And if yo are worried about Buckey Griggs, or any dam with people living downstream of it and safety....

    Google searh Dead River Basin, WPS, Silver Lake Dam.
    I dont know how this didnt get major national attention
    may 26th 2003 (when all that rain hit)
    Well simply a dam breached way upstream that is the holding water for several smaller hydro dams...another dam was toped...then another dam breached....a city washed out and flooded...and a couple million cubic tons of sediment go into Lake Superior....the details of it, what happened, how simply it happened are even more frightening.
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    neat pic of oshan i don't remeber the bottom side of the dam much but thats alot of water. I know what you mean NET i was up on alum dam the other day look back at the lake then down at the developments and said man thats alot of water if this thing were to go. would be very bad.
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    As much water that is behind Alum......if the dam were to go......I would imagine Columbus would be in BIG trouble.
  13. Personally, there is a rather large lowhead dam in the Newton Falls area (near the old rockwell plant) and just in the last three years I have noticed much bigger and many more new holes forming in the dam with water pouring through them. 'blance' I'm sure that you've seen this one.

    News Channel 5 also did a two part investigation of Ohio's Dangerous Dams.
    Here is the links to the two stories....
  14. that picture of o'shay was way cool. i've never seen it that high. did you notice the step downs on the side? those are now the hyro feed.