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    Hey ya'll. I fished walborn once last year for an hour or so and got skunked. I want to try next wk and need some input from you pros'. What areas are hottest for bass and a list of baits, jigs, lures or presentations with colors would really help my bride and I to have a little fun for a day. I hit the grass beds south of the ramp/parking area before the spillway to the left of the dam and only got a few taps. I thought they were dinks.
    Thanks ya'll. Any help you can send this way will be kept in extreme cofidence. We promise not to tell anyone.
    Thanks in advance for thelp ya'll!
  2. Chatterbaits on the north end and rattle trap's in the weeds...good luck, it was pretty tough.

  3. I flip the willows on north side of the lake. black n blue max super tubes with a rattle if they aint in the willows try a black n red trap in the weeds.the points with weeds up by the dam usually always have fish in em! i live 5 min from walborn an do really good out there its a good lake when they're on an a impossible lake when the off! good luck bro!
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    said it, when it's on it's on. But when it is not forget about it.
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    The Dentist EYE PULL TEETH!!!!!!

    I like to troll hot n tots on the north end of the res around the island, but I'm no pro.