Dale Hollow

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  1. Hey Shakedown and Rodman, just wanted to stop in and say hi. Looking forward to the cooler months and start catching them brownfish. Nice site by the way. Hope to hook up with you guy the season and good luck and talk to you soon. Andrew
  2. Andrew:

    Welcome on board! Shake and I have pointed a few OGFer's to your website. I'll be making my annual trip in Feb and would welcome the opportunity to meet you and share a day on the water.

    Good to hear from you - have a safe and successful season.


  3. I do thank you for your support and your post on smalljaw.com. I have read some stuff on here and find it to be a good place to discuss fishing topics in a controlled environment. Thanks for the welcome and would like to say hello to RedHawk too. Good site and I will be checking in. See ya on the water this winter. I will look ya guys up closer to cooler weather. Give me a heads up when you guys are coming down in Feb. Andrew
  4. ShakeDown

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    Hey Andrew! Hope all is well with you guys down on the Holla.

    Joe, Dan and myself are going to try to coordinate our efforts this winter and we'll definitely give you a heads up when we book. Would be sweet to hook up with ya when were down.