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Dale Hollow Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by redhawk fisherman, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Anyone else heading to Dale Hollow for Thanksgiving? If water temps stay so warm, I mght have to try some night fishing! :)
  2. I Was At The Hollow Last Week And The Water Temp Was Still A Little High, About 68 Degrees. The Fishing Is Usually Best When The Water Temp Is Between 55 And 65 Degrees. The Smallmouth Fishing Was Very Slow In Four Days Two Of Us Caught 11 Smallmouth With The Largest Being 22.5 Inches (about 6 Lbs).
    We Did Not Night Fish For Smallmouth But We Did Nightfish For Crappie Under Lanterns And Caught About 20 Total In 3 Nights But
    The Size Was Excellent Probably Avaraging 13 Inches With Two Dandys That Went 16" And 16.5". Our Houseboat Is Tied Out In About
    40 Foot Of Water And The Crappie Were Susbended At About 12 To 15 Feet. As Far As The Smallmouth Most Of The Local Reports Reported Catching Smallies In 20 To 30 Foot Of Water Near Weedbeds But We Never Had A Hit In Some Of The Most Beautiful Weedbeds You Have Ever Seen, All Of Our Action Was In About 12 Foot Of Water Off Broken Black Shale Banks. Good Luck

  3. Thanks for the report Davelee! I am going to start fishing Thursday night!