dad buys car..deer destroys car

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  1. My dad bought a car today and on his way home from purchasing it..a buck with a 3 foot spread (so he says) creamed his car. I have not seen the car but he is ok and he thinks he can fix the car. This happend in south zanesville near pick n save. Pretty busy road. Midst of the city.

    My son has seen this same buck, same location, earlier this week, on his way to school. son says more like 12 inch spread not 3 ft.

    Several years ago I bought a brand new geo metro. Had insurance on it but never even made the 1st insurance payment when a deer slammed into me. $2000 worth of damage to my new car. Thank goodness I had full coverage.
  2. As I was getting on the freeway Sunday morning, a huge buck ran across the car in front of me on the entrance ramp. The car missed him but the the buck ran full tilt into the chain link fence on the edge of the ramp. It threw him back about 5 feet. I was very surprised to see him get up and then jump the fence. I bet he had a fence hangover.

  3. LOL. we were coming back from the tri-vally / louisville game last friday and a car coming towards us almost hit a deer that would have come through our windshield. we were lucky.
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    Glad he's okay...sounds like he's a true fisherman at heart...! :D
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    What a bummer, glad he is ok, cars can be fixed, sometimes people can't. I hit one a year or so ago, just clipped his hind. Broke his hips and back legs. He tried so hard to run and ended up fallling over a hill into a creek, I called the police and the cop came and dispatched him with two 9mm to the head, It was really hard to watch the animal suffer while waiting for the police to arrive. Very little damage to the car he knocked out the turn signal light and that was it. He was an 8 pointer. Even though I don't hunt I can tell people. yep I got an eight pointer. Interestingly even though out of season I given the option of taking the deer for the meat. I declined because I could not afford to process him but he had a guy that pick's them up and give the meat to a local food charity for the homeless. At least it went to good use. S
  6. Glad to hear your dad is ok.

    My mom had the exact opposite thing happen to her years ago. She was leaving the dealership to go home. She was planning on buying a new car the next day. On the way home she got a deer and totalled her trade in. Luckily the dealership still honored their promise and gave her the value of the trade in pre-accident.
  7. Glad your Dad is O.K. I have seen several here where I live,inside the city limits, that didnt make it across the street. Even in town you have got to keep an eye out for them now-a-days.
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    was in the woods friday afternoon and was hearing rabbit hunters on some RR tracks about a 1/4 mile away and then heard a deer crashing through the woods down in a draw and he was in a hurry.... all the sudden I see him flip on his back and just lay there a few seconds.... he had clothes-lined himself on a downed tree.... just about rolled down the hill I was sitting on laughing..... to my surprise he got back up and shook his body like he was shaking water off his coat and ran off again....